Thursday, January 15, 2004

Finally, some good news...

Bush Booed at Martin Luther King Gravesite

and this essay from NY Newsday definitely gave me some fiery hope for change.
This Guy Can Rock the White House

on the other hand, the Bush Admin continues to fight reality any way they can
White House opposes UN report on obesity

common sense, you might say, that people are fatter than ever. yet, we have a president who lives in fantasyland.
What the fuck? how can you deny the growing problem of obesity?
seriously. what is wrong with these people that they refuse to believe anything that might be perceived as contradictory to what their special interests are paying them to believe?
same way that they deny that global warming is happening, in the face of a shitload of science that says otherwise.

"science??!!" they scoff. "what do scientists know about real life?"

just like they pointed out on The Daily Show last night (hilariously), Bush is trashing the environment every chance he can because he thinks the Earth is history. hence, his newfound commitment to go to the moon and eventually Mars. so all the people of "like-minded, superior intellect" can go somewhere else and repopulate, start over.

sounds ridiculous, but then again, our modern world is a fucking circus.
lapped up by the pathetically ignorant populous.

yes, we're smart all right, we Americans.

now let's get to work on getting that constitutional amendment banning gay marriage up and running again. that's what's really important, what's really slowing me down in my day to day life. all the damn gays and their selfish need to be like "normal" (i.e heterosexual) humans. fucking bullshit. how can people be so concerned with Iraqi civilians being killed on a daily basis when we've got gays advancing their doctrine onto the innocent children of america. next thing you know, gays will be everywhere. and then our species will end. damn. all because of selfish pleasure. bullshit, i tell ya.

actually, Jon Stewart cracked me up last night in his surprisingly great interview with Sen. Joe Biden Dem-Delaware (the fool who pushed for the so-called "Rave Act" last year), talking about the Bush Admin, Iraq and whatnot.
They were talking all serious policy issues and with all seriousness, asks Biden, "So, is Dick Cheney really a murderous cyborg or what?"

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