Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Fab Five #17 (Merry Presidents Day Edition)

Just think kids, only 9 more months till Bush gets his sorry ass booted from the White House!!!
And a new feature this week! Thanks to Mikey Royer in Cinci, at least one song on the FF will be available for download on his filesharing site. We appreciate the space Mikey!

1. "Mad World" by Michael Andrews w/Gary Jules (from Donnie Darko soundtrack)
Oh my god, this song gives me such chills, to the bone even. No really, this slowed-down, sparse cover song (originally by Tears For Fears) was originally included on the highly underrated 2002 flick "Donnie Darko." Featuring folkie Gary Jules on vocals, this eerie, spooky version of "Mad World" was a big hit in the UK late last year and promises to be a hit here as well. Don't miss it. And you can listen to it here.

2. "The Dress Looks Nice On You" by Sufjan Stevens (UK single, Rough Trade)
Former Michigander responsible for last year's highly acclaimed concept album Sufjan Stevens Presents Greetings From Michigan: The Great Lakes State (every song has to do with Michigan, in the first what is supposed to be a 50-album series on each state) returns with a powerful yet delicate new single. I recall reviewing Sufjan's debut when I was editing Music Revue magazine in Michigan and was bowled over by his talent. He has this quiet, lighthearted way about him, but with a decidely dark tint.

3. "Pinche" by Tourettes With Ryder from Sniff (New Glue Records compilation)
I know very little about Tourettes With Ryder or the Toronto-based New Glue Records, but this frenetic little track is just hilarious. Basically consisting of a cavalcade of beat programming and various electronic loops and TWR's Kris Lefcoe spitting out these sing-songy lyrics about some guy that dissed her for another girl two years prior and then shows up on her Manhattan doorstep, "Pinche" is short for "Pinche Cabron" (which loosely means "stupid fucker that cheated on you" in Spanish), the nickname she gives to the freeloader. I'd like to know more about Tourettes.

4. My first GarageBand Song "Rescue 666"
Anyone that knows me from back in the Michigan days knows i temporarily played in a band called Rescue 666. Well, at long last, it comes full circle, with the first song i've sculpted together in Apple's new looping and production software (and via three CDs of loops I was reviewing for XLR8R). The song needs work but i feel like it's a good start, so i'm encouraged and can't wait to do more. Surprisingly, it came pretty easy to me. Apparently, spending the last 30 or so years of my life listening and obsessing about music is paying off.

5. Tina B's 30th Birthday
Thanks to all of our friends, enemies and confidantes that came out to represent for Tina B's lovely birthday celebration at the Latin American Club in the Mission Saturday night. A damn fine time had by all, to be sure, with plenty of damn fine cake, er, i mean Sacrapantina (beyond delicious, i might add) from Stella's Pastry Shop in North Beach. Since turning 30 three days ago, Tina has sprouted into a fine young woman and we expect big things from her. We're all so very proud.

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