Sunday, February 08, 2004

grammy commentary

my favorite thank you has been Andre's for best rap album. steven tyler, b.b. king and joe perry sat up there forever (why were THEY presenting best rap album?) waiting for Andre to roll up and when he finally makes it up, he goes "thank you" and that's it.

why does sting have to be in every fucking tribute? sting is so irrelevant. he just gets on my nerves. he's like super yuppie. and he's always doing these combos with hip young artists to show how cool he still is. fuck off sting.

i officially can't stand beyonce. she's just so fake and unlikeable. so smug. i love how she pulls out her "i've still got me a southern accent" thing. whatever. every damn commercial break, they show her. ooh, more beyonce. fuck off beyonce.

ol' christina aguilera just won for best female pop vocal for "beautiful," which, i can't believe i'm going to admit, is a guilty pleasure. i know, i know. stop your groaning.
her titties were nearly hanging out there. she was sporting the 20s-style flapper look with her hair much like alicia keys was. they even did a flash of her when Xtina won.

everyone is so ga-ga over hilary duff. sorry, i don't see it. i just don't think she's attractive. then again, i'm not into flashy girls. well, ok, forget that. i like flash but you gotta have some sass in your ass to match that flash. buttcake charlie.

so far, my favorite performance has been the white stripes. they rocked. i love the white stripes. i don't care if they're huge now. i still love 'em. ol' jack looks especially beefy these days.

aaarrrggghhhh~! every commercial break, we're promised beyonce. get that stupid bitch off my screen!

justin timberlake, who apologized earlier for the "rough week" with the whole Janet boob issue and said it was "unintentional," did do a decent job with Arturo Sandoval and the big large gospel choir. i don't despise justin. though ms. tina b disapproved of his white suit thing he was wearing.

fashion! turn to the left.
fashion! turn to the right.

baby baby baby.

oh yeah, the Prince performance in the beginning was pretty good.
doing "purple rain."

I can't wait for OutKast teaming up with George Clinton.

OK< i'm REALLY getting annoyed with fucking beyonce. every goddamn commercial break previews beyonce's appearance! who fucking hoo.
can you tell how much i love her?
can you?
can you?
my baby.

June Carter Cash just got a posthumous award. which, is very sweet.
she was a fine woman. fine woman.

evanescence just won best new artist. i don't have hatred in my heart for them. that girl seems ok. they ARE on wind-up, the not-so-secret christian-ized rock label (also home to the worst band in the world, Creed.

yah, coldplay gave props to john kerry when the won for best record of the year.

i dug the funk jam with earth, wind & fire, outkast (sans andre, though), john or robert rudolph (i can't recall what his name was) and george clinton, who they barely showed. the camera work on some of this has been especially bad. like, why did they keep on showing the fucking drummer or the backup singers, instead of say, ohhh, george clinton? of course, ol george looked a bit weary and out of it. all that crack and coke can't be good for you george.

50 cent made a quick behind-the-scenes jump onto the stage for a moment, which was kind of funny.

now sarah mclachlan is kicking up her smoooth elegant pap. yawn.

the foo fighters collaboration with jazz pianist chick corea was ok. that's kind of how i feel about most foo fighters songs. i don't really hate them but i don't really love them either. all kind of just there, mediocre. i mean, i like dave grohl. he seems pretty fun. and you can't forget (though it's easy to do) that he was in nirvana but i don't know, i've always been pretty indifferent to his tuneage.

heeeyyyy yaaaa!

i have to make an addendum to my favorite albums of the year, i think. outkast has to be included on my faves of 2003. i just didn't listen to it enough in the 03.
911 is a joke in your town.

the camera work in this show has been pretty bad. too many close-ups without giving you a chance to see who's up on the damn stage. when warren zevon won posthumously for best rock vocal, you wouldn't know that the producer was up on stage until warren's son acknowledged him and they had to pan back. slipshod shit.
it's bullshit.

awesome. outKast won album of the year. awesome.
the final performance by andre doing 'hey ya!' was hilarious.
and then he said "stank you, stank you very much. you're smelcome."

camera work was seriously atrocious in the grammies.
i did like the comments made by the Grammy head dude, with the play on words about weapons of mass destruction and a diss on bush's proposals to take away music programs in schools.
of course, this was followed up by the usual shit about digital music and how you shouldn't download. no no no.

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