Thursday, February 26, 2004

Noise Pop ruminations
The Passion of the Indie Kids' Christ

I've seen former Sierra Club Prez Adam Werbach two consecutive nights, first at the Noise Pop Opening Party at Thee Parkside, toting his young child with him, much like several other Noise Popians Tuesday. All the baby mania prompted one girl to exclaim, "It must be 'Bring your Baby, Get a discount on your drink" Night."
In fact, it was.

Anyway, Mr. Werbach was also at the Unicorns last night, at GAMH. I saw him only for a second. But (full disclosure) I did interview him in 1996 or 1997, when i was working at the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette.

The Unicorns were a whole lot of fun, very lovable and highly entertaining. I haven't laughed that much at a show in a while. They definitely provoke a reaction out of people, as they stop and start and falter on the stage, occasionally bothering to actually play songs for the people.
Some people were annoyed at their pokiness but i loved them all the more for it.

We spotted American Music Club's Mark Eitzel and cohorts out at the Opening Party as well. It seemed like there were a lot of people "in the know" at the Tuesday event. Kinda uppity. the unicorns was a little less of that. definitely a pretty young crowd too.

Leave your potatoes with the attendant.

I also could swear i spotted author and SF Gate's political columnist Stephen Elliott at the Unicorns last night. Or at least, someone that looked like him. And according to his campaign blog, he's in California now. I'm a new convert to Mr. Elliott, who also writes a hilarious column, The Poker Report, for McSweeney's.
It certainly looked like him anyway.
Good times, good times.

I start my new job tomorrow.
i am happy i got a day off today.
due to important stuff you can't find out about.

leave me alone or i will hunt you down with my shoe.
Like Nikita Kruschev at the United Nations.
Bang Bang.

sundries that contributed to this report:

1. Songs (in reverse order):

"Joker James" - The Who (Quadrophenia)
"Apple" - Cibo Matto (Viva! La Woman)
"More Future" - Pop Deluxe (A Touch of Class Sucks!)
"Ferris Wheel" - Common (Electric Circus)
"Interview with Quincy Jones #3" - Michael Jackson (Thriller)
"Another Girl's Paradise" - Tori Amos (Scarlet's Walk)
"Pure Love" - Byzar (Incursions In Illbient)
"Come Together" - Ike & Tina Turner (Soul Tribute To the Beatles)
"Wife (Pieces of Detroit Mix by Prefuse 73) - Phil Ranelin (Hefty Records: Sample This)
"A.N.G.E.L. (Reprise)" - Dwele (Subject)
"Prairie Dog" - Laika (Sounds of The Satellites)

2. Silver Haze, Cannabis Club

3. Fair Trade Blend, Peet's Coffee

4. Calistoga Mountain Spring Water

5. Paperclip

6. Stacked quarters

7. Plastic bag

8. Dayton Fuel-Trimmer Heater

9. General Electric 100 Watt bulb

10. 1% Lowfat Milk

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