Wednesday, February 25, 2004

things i enjoyed today

** my last day of work at a very very large web company's music division. i genuinely liked working there and will miss all the exposure to the nonstop music juggernaut (hi tina b!), but a guy's gotta do more than exist/barely get by/tread water/whathaveyou. change is indeed good.

** free latte from my boss. i'll miss our good conversations. she is a very cool woman, along with all my other co-workers over there holding the fort down in content. ah, i'm getting all wistful.

*** experiencing the joys of intense flooding on 16th street, causing me to walk several blocks out of my way to get to work. i was of course, late. but man, i don't think i've ever been involved in such intense flooding. pretty damn crazy. i attempted to walk through it but i was stopped at 16th and folsom. i tried walking in the middle of the street, hoping i could get through with the cars (i did not give a fuck - i walked right in front of cars, i was not gonna be stopped...but i was. damn you mother nature. fucking bitch, she is, sometimes...hee hee).
i thought i was smart by heading up to s. van ness and crossing over on 17th, but no way man, no way. my god, i saw several cars with water up to their door handles!!! that BMW owner was unlikely to have been pleased about the situation.
and did i mention the insane wind gusts?
50-60 mph at some points. it whips you around like a twig. a damn good reminder how insignicant one human being can be in the grand scheme of things. you are spittle. i gave up on my umbrella after awhile.
i saw many, many umbrella casualties today. they lost. the only reason my piece of shit umbrella wasn't among the dead was i heeded the advice of my trusty weatherperson, who warned last night that umbrellas would do you no good in this wind. alas, i don't own a windbreaker. maybe that will have to change.
soon enough.

** not knowing where to go after getting off the bart at civic center, and ended up doing a huge loop near city hall. i was gearing up for some nasty barbs exchanged with the fools from kansas holding signs that say "God hates fags" and other loving religious paraphernalia. alas, it was just a happy group of people celebrating the union of two of them. i shouldn't say alas. but i was gearing up for some fun-filled verbal antics.
another day.

a new plateau was reached today.

no, not even the 50mph wind gusts and violent rain, nor the subsequent flash floods on, this, my very last day at aol ... probably forever.

this afternoon, i saw an actual LIVE ROOSTER just hanging out outside a Burger King (8th & market), atop what was probably a homeless person's pack.
a real live cock, big one too, just checking everyone out that was walking by.
i only noticed it because all the hipsters were gathered around it, taking pictures of each other next to the damn thing.

so yeah.

random cock sighting in the city.

gotta love this town.
be aggressive, be be aggressive.

hand on butt

***that guy walking directly in front of this suv, who flipped off the driver after she beeped her horn at him.
yes sir.

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