Sunday, February 15, 2004

Keep on doing what the TV says

Tina spotted the above saying on a sticker somewhere in Oakland or Berkeley a couple months ago and, which i'm sure the maker of the sticker would approve, she promptly took it down and brought it home.

we still are saying "keep on doing what the tv says" all the time. it's a very rhythmic phrase. say it loud, say it proud. we do.

yesterday, valentine's day, was tina b.'s 30th birthday. it was a fine evening of restrained debauchery at thee olde Latin American Club in the that city we call san francisco.
and how nifty, there was another party celebrating some girl's 30th b-day. when the unprepared party of peeps realized they had forgotten napkins, forks and paper plates to eat their cake on, tina rebuffed their attempts at yanking some from us.
which was damn fine.
they said something like "oh, well i suppose we could go buy some" and tina responded "yeah, that's what we did" and just turned around and ignored.

keep on doing what the tv says.

we also enjoyed see disparate friends of ours that don't know each other be brought together. it's like worlds colliding. which, is always enjoyable to watch.
yes yes ya'll.
a fine evening of alcoholic beverages and other excellent substances. an evening for the ages.

and the aged.
no really, i love these kinds of things, being surrounded by friends having a good time.

Sniff N the Tears need to come back.

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