Friday, February 27, 2004

Just So We're Clear...

OK, so in our culture, it's fine to take young children to see what is being billed as a "bloodbath" and "extremely brutal" film, as long as it's about the death of a religious figure, Jesus; but it's not at all OK for an impressionable child to see an uncovered breast for about 1 second on national TV during a not-exactly nonviolent sports event.

The same culture in which we attempt to sugarcoat things like 10,600 children being sexually abused by priests in the last 50 years (and you know that's a low number) but act like we really do care about the children by criticizing easy targets like "the media" and "television" for destroying their moral fabric or say that gays are threatening the sanctity of marriage, whatever the fuck that means.

A society that (rightfully) expresses shock and horror after a teen parent beats his 2-year-old child to death for playing with his PlayStation 2 game. (--- I think it's high time we start requiring people to pass a test before they're allowed to become parents. But oh no! all life is precious, remember? i saw a bumper sticker today that summed it up well: "Remember, you're unique - Just like everybody else") ---- But the thing is, many of the same conservatives who express outrage at the child's death would be the first to condemn abortion as murder, the first to say that poor people are just lazy and don't need more funding for schools or education because they're taking advantage of the government. Hmmm, maybe this couple should not have been allowed to become parents. See, conservatives don't like to deal with babies once they're born. Then, it's in God's hands. The unborn are so much more important because they're cute, in a cellular amoeba-sort of way, and they have yet to sin, so that makes them pure! They're not part of Satan's minions yet and Christians see it as yet another soul to be saved. Whoo hoo!
See how this all comes together?

OK, I'm glad to know we've figured out some of these things today.

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