Thursday, February 03, 2005

MicroChromatic Dysentery For The Children

Howdy disco citizens,
Fun-filled random love for your kidney stones.
Don't bury me in quicksand just yet.

People who talk incessantly on their cellphones while driving are fools.
Study: Cell Phone Use Makes Young Drivers Drive Like Senior Citizens
Like this is a surprise.

Way too many Microsoft workers are using iPods and Bill Gates is so NOT happy.
Hide Your IPod, Here Comes Bill

Military Death Benefit Called Too Narrow
Did you know the families of military personnel who die currently get only $12,000 as a "death gratuity"? Of course, Republicans want to limit the money. I thought they were "pro-troops"?
"Under the Pentagon proposal, a tax-free "death gratuity," now $12,420, would grow to $100,000 only in cases where the service member died in a war zone as designated by the secretary of defense.
The Pentagon also would substantially increase life insurance benefits. The $250,000 coverage offered to all service members at a subsidized rate under the Servicemen's Group Life Insurance program would be raised to $400,000, and for troops in a combat zone the government would pay the premiums on the extra $150,000 coverage.
The increases would be retroactive to Oct. 7, 2001, the date the United States launched its invasion of Afghanistan in response to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. The families of the more than 1,500 troops who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan since then would be eligible.


For the music geeks in the house.
How to download Real Audio streams and convert Real Audio to MP3


Aw gee, my homeland has seen Better Days (anybody from the D remember that club Better Days? Off of Woodward, down some alley).
Too bad about Detroit. Sadly, it's the same old story, different decade.
Things in Detroit could be better

The Waiter you stiffed has not forgotten

A new way to stop spam>

And just when you thought you've heard it all.
Nope, you haven't heard it all.

Woman Accused of Giving Lethal Sherry Enema
Delicious again, Peter...


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