Friday, February 11, 2005

Rain Reigns

I love the smell in the air just before it starts raining.
It's a distinctive smell that is unlike any other.
It makes me happy.
Even though i'm not necessarily a rabid fan of rain, per se, at least, extended rain. i like intermittent showers best.
A light rain that's falling now is perfecto.

"I'm not happy. I voted for George Bush," said cotton grower John Rife of Ferriday, La.

Farmers Shaken by Bush's Subsidy Plan
Well, Bush voters, maybe if you would have done some research and found out a little bit about your candidate BEFORE re-electing him, you wouldn't be worried about losing your precious subsidies.
Hello! Bush has always stood for corporate America. Anybody remember Enron?
Insead you let ridiculous social 'issues' that aren't really issues like gay marriage cloud your vision.
Too bad it's too late to take back your votes, huh?
Dumb-Ass Republican sheep.

Then again, maybe it's time to simply give up and accept the inevitable.
Become a Republican!
George W. Bush, Musical Star
This is one of the best W. mash-ups i think i've ever heard. Quite good. I can't believe someone took this much time to put something like this together.
this took a LOT of work.


Here I Am!
Small Doggie Mania
Even babies need a drink sometimes


Bad News from Detroit.
Techno fest teeters; entry fee possible
Every year there seems to be some sort of drama surrounding the DEMF/Movement Festival, though this year looks more dire than ever.
You know, i'm really sick of dealing with this drama every year.
I have a special place in my heart for Detroit, as anyone who knows me understands, but this is getting pretty ri-goddamn-diculous.
But as Derrick May points out in the story, there are bigger issues going on in the D besides worrying about an electronic music festival.
"I would love to see the festival happen, but at this point, with the financial situation, it's a lot to ask the city to get behind the event," May said. "The reality is that the City of Detroit has bigger problems than the festival."


Uhhh, OK, so women spray this on their private parts?
Good sex comes in a can for women low on libido
This is something i'd like to see.

Chew On This
This is, um, painful to read, to say the least.

I'm going to Bora Bora tomorrow. Leave your tablecakes with the Elementals.
You are no longer part of the family.

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