Saturday, February 12, 2005

Statistics are Sexual/Goat Juice

The bulk of this entry was written Feb. 3 at 11:41pm.
Re-edited, remixed and refreshed periodically Friday, Feb. 11, 9:04pm to 1:15am.

Please understand and carry on.


Number Of Periodicals "Really Plan To Read Soon" Currently On Person:
    16 -- 3 copies New York Times Magazine; 3 copies Newsweek; 3 copies Entertainment Weekly; 1 copy Macworld; 2 copies Playlist; 1 copy Us Weekly; 2 copies Rolling Stone***

Most Hypnotic Song Listened To In Last 10 Minutes:
    "It Never Changes To Stop" by The Books, from Lost And Safe

Number Of Beers Consumed In The Last Hour:
    2 -- 1 Amstel Light, 1 Anchor Steam

Time Left Work Tonight (2.3.05):
    10:15 p.m.

Amount Of Love For Whales:
    A lot.
    (Sappy, I can be.)

How Often Embarassed For Self:
    A lot.

TV Segment Temporarily Distracted By:
    Jamie Foxx interview on Jay Leno

Number Of Lights Currently On:

Words Currently Stoked On:
    Kerfuffle, Festooned, Pantaloons & Jennifad (Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt)

Number of Shut-Ins whose asses I've kicked tonight:

    ***Please note, subscription to RS ran out in 2003. Yet, it still comes.


i got this going for me


But I learned it from watching YOU!
Mom and Dad need to bring in the drug dogs, son. It's for your own good.


i've always thought the government believed that American troops were nothing more than guinea pigs they could experiment on, whether it be for sending them to their death via stupid wars that mean nothing (Iraq, Vietnam, et all), dropping experimental chemicals on their asses (pretty much all American interventions abroad) and trying out new medical experiments.
and no, i'm not some crazed conspiracist.
i'm realistic.

and i fucking read. you fucking read. you should fucking read.
everybody should fucking read.
even chosen enemies of staten island or satan. either/or.

Here's further proof your government doesn't give a flying fuck about its troops.
Abuses Endangered Veterans in Cancer Drug Experiments
veterans were treated like "guinea pigs."

Amerika is so gonna be on the receiving end of some payback someday.
when you fuck over so many people, eventually it bites you in the ass.

we have bitten a lot of people's asses, directly and indirectly, officially and (mostly) unofficially.
Bullies ALWAYS get brought down, eventually.

fucking sucks, i know. depressing, i know.
but these



have a donut.

amerikan stylee.


pigpiles for hire

meanwhile, watching the pre-superbowl coverage this morning at 7 a.m.(!), i was struck by all the go-go family bullshit, the gratuitious soldier appearances and the like. it's almost as if Bush is America's collective Daddy and we're all trying to please Daddy as best we can by showing that we really do appreciate those soldiers daddy and we'll do whatever we can to prove our allegiance to you daddy!


Having a good one, Amerika!

Wish you were here!

Suck face for real.

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