Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Why Don't You Tell BabyDaddy?

I saw the Scissor Sisters Sunday night and damn, holy shite, holy damn, holy hell, holy mother of mom, and other shit that sounds like i'm a bit overjoyed and/or in awe. they put on a fucking SHOW. and i ain't trippin'.

no sir.
they are HUGE HUGE.


Not that i'm being over the top right now.
They are so far over the top, they're mega mega white thing over the top. and that ain't no shit.

It was much fun. much craziness. quite gay. quite.
Of course, i was kickin' it extra live being in the presence of MollyGoLightly, Teddy and Tina B, so yeah, good company. Tina B and MollyGoLightly looked so good, people were parting like the red sea wherever they went. it was great. we walked in like we owned the place and after arriving, decided that we DID, in fact, own the place. in theory anyway.

Whoo nilly. willy nilly.
But as far as the scissor sisters, it was pure and simple a big giant SHOW, completely fun, throwaway melodies that stick in your head, with nice stomping backbeats and choruses that make you sing at the top of your lungs in ecstasy.

You had queens jumping up and down in the front of the stage waving foam scissors in the air, trannies doing cartwheels down the aisles and other honeys leaping from the balconies. seriously.

It was a great release, if nothing else. I mean, sure the music is very high energy, campy and a bit cheesy even, but that's all part of the gag. it makes the scissor sisters that much more fun.
i wasn't going to see the Scissor Sisters to analyze the artistic merits of Paddy Boom's intricate drum fills or Ana Matronic's howling vocals. I was there to look good (i was sporting my yellow suit, btw, though i had no Curious George to follow me around, unfortunately) and get nuts.

and in case you were wondering about the real BabyDaddy, the man behind the carefully cropped beard, well then, feast your eyes on this.
His real name is Scott Hoffman and he's originally from Kentucky (or i should say, KY).


Botox may soothe musican's cramp
finally there's an excuse for all that twitching going on in your extremities, musicians, and you can do something about it.
you can be like the Hollywood elite and/or the Hollywood addicted.

Urine can help.
Man peed way out of avalanche

Be the Master of your Domain
though i gotta wonder what this couple was doing spying on some guy in another building for 10-15 minutes with binoculars.
it seems like the people who are most concerned about sex these days are repressed conservatives.

This is both funny and kind of sad at the same time.
"Was Mark Mathis of Charlotte the best weatherman ever? He absolutely, positively did not give a fuck about his job, spending his entire forecast dancing,
rapping, screaming, pulling his co-worker's girlfriend onscreen and then imploring his boss to call and fire him on his cell phone...which finally happened in November of this year, after Mathis checked into rehab for drug and alcohol problems. We'll miss you, Mark."
For the kind of sad follow-up, Read What Happened.


Get the Pixies' performance from Coachella 2004 -- but don't delay!

Cool ambient soundscape madness


Don't get Sick Building Syndrome

OK, Now That's a LOT of weed

Oof! And this is good news for the Bay Area.

Powell leaves mixed legacy as FCC chair
what a prick. talk about a babydaddy.
My iPod, My Self
iPod, therefore i am.
however, i'm not quite so rabid.
I'm not even a smoker and this pisses me off. So lame that a company could force people to take tests to see if they smoke, even on their own time, and then not give them health care. ridiculous. and yet our leaders are worried about social security. hello! health care is what needs fixing, idiot Bush.
Costs Make Employers See Smokers as a Drag

And last, and certainly not least, here are a couple CD reviews I've written recently. Read, weep and sob. Or jump for joy. Whatever you prefer.
if i had to write this review over again, i would make a change. I meant to say Downtown sounded like early Pink Floyd and Smashing Pumpkins, not early Pumpkins, as i said in the review. not sure how that happened.

Chemical Brothers
weirdly enough, i personally am kind of over the Chemical Brothers, but it is what it is, and really, if you like the Chemical Brothers, you'll probably dig this record. it's got a fun and vaguely political element to it, but gets the party started. for those parties that want chemical brothers to get their particular party started, that is.
yet, i can say with confidence i likley won't be listening to this 6 months from now.

and that's what's happening in Amerika.
Don't forget to write!

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