Sunday, February 06, 2005

Super NutBall Shuffle

Superbowl is such a male-dominated tradition.
It's very American, full of bloated bluster, pomp and a whole lot of obnoxiousness.

they're just now saying on tv that yes, it's a corporate event but you have to remember then, that the crowds are excited, as they are saying, this place is alive and people are dedicated.
yay for you. how can you say this shit?
fuck you.

it's very commercial. not even close to not being commercial.
i mean, when i arrived at my friend bruce's mom's place (it's a cool place, so who cares that it's his mom? she's kinda funny actually. besides. i like to go back and relive things this time of year, this being me reliving my youthful excursions into rocking it hard on superbowl sunday. it's an excuse you know? hardee har har), the first thing i asked wasn't "how's the game so far?" it was "how have the commercials been?"
so yeah, please. you're hosting the show. you can't be dropping the 'it's really not commercial' kinda shit in the superbowl itself.
shut the fuck up.


uh oh, the terrell owens dance by the new england dude.
new england just scored.
this seems like the last minute of the game, bruce just said. with 1:10 left in the second quarter.

brad pitt just appeared in an advertisement for heineken. crazy.
wasn't bad.
most of the ads have sucked though.
bruce just said, boy, this game could not even be closer.
can i tell you i love bruce?
but the wardrobe malfunction from last year has definitely had an effect. everything is cutesy and humorless, lame as shit. where's my sex?

it's SO nice today.
i rode my ass up here to the berkeley hills (which took hella longer than i expected -- and yes, i used hella on purpose. when it's this sunny and warm in february, you gotta embrace that california shit) with my moon roof open, yo. how can you not love warm california sun this time of year? love it..

anyway, jimmy johnson is totally screaming right now.
now howie long is yelling too. apparently the little girls are screaming for paul mccartney? maybe not.
terry bradshaw is a freak.

it was funny, i saw two guys, 50s-ish, walking urgently obviously on their way to a superbowl party when i was driving here to the berkeley hills.
carrying their alcoholic beverages in brown bags. and these guys were working men, not no street people type shit.
such a guy thing, superbowl.

but you know, it makes me think of superbowl parties past, hanging with friends and such. it's an excuse for friends to get together and get messed up. have fun. rate the ads. talk shit.

paul mccartney is such a putz.
the two cool beatles are dead.
the two lesser beatles, still alive.
watch, SIR paul (as commentator just called him) will live to be 100 or some shit, milking the beatles for the rest of his life.


ok, back in black.
so i am already predicting that the tabasco sauce girl ad will be one of the highest rated, especially among males. one of the few ads that was blatantly and completely sexual.

ok, the worst ad yet.
anheuser busch just shamelessly used the image of the troops to sell their stupid beer.
beyond pathetic.
i'm disgusted.
people clapping for troops walking through an airport.
1. yeah, i totally support the troops. don't trip me like that. but shit, this was shameless usage of 'the troops' for bullshit beer.
3. what about the troops that didn't make it back?
7. i ain't trippin'.
22. elevator junction

thanks for playing.

ok, the Ameriquest commercial was pretty f*cking hilarious. man.
with no words spoken. you have to see it.
looks the the guy is about to knife the cat he's holding by the neck, covered in spaghetti sauce that's supposed to look like blood. and at that moment, his girl comes walking in the door and they're all 'don't judge something by first impression' or some shit.

i ain't trippin.

SuperBowl is for men, testosterone, america, flag-waving mother fuckers, and people who like shemp. reminds me of the dude i saw the other day with giant sort-of torn flag flowing high and mighty in in the bed of this giant American truck.

4:54 left in the third quarter, greg lewis gets 3, 3rd down coming up.
new england's up 14-7. people are already dissing philly.

i ain't trippin'.

oof, huge first down by philly. people are back on philly's side.

bruce just said, 'new england had a lead and now it's gone. one of those games where you just don't know."

the ameriquest commercial was so damn funy.

the just finished commercial by verizon with celebs getting into being minaturized was kinda funny. interesting the song they were playing was 'video killed the radio star' by the buggles, which bruce and i both noted, the first video ever played on MTV back in 1981.
i'm gonna publish dis shit.
we at 3:29 in the 3rd quarter.
i love it's only 6:15 p.m. in my timezone.
screw ya'll in the east coast timezones.
west coast is the most bitches.

7 Patriot penalties
we at 3:08

it be 14-14 going into the 4th quarter.
apparently this is the first time that it's ever been tied going into the 4th quarter. a little known factoid, apparently.
bill clinton was just shown kicking it extra live on the scene, watching a 'good one,' as the network fucks just said.

nearly a touchdown.
just shy of the 2.
bitches yo bichon frises.

oh christ, the local fox affiliate just was showing their advance for their after-superbowl coverage and they're showing a family enjoying the superbowl together and to see their reaction to the ads. i'll tell you what their reaction will be "oh, well, it was very family-friendly, i felt safe that my 5-year-old could watch."
yeah, whatever.

the score is currently 24-14, new england.
8:35 left 4th quarter.
biggest comeback superbowl history, trailed by 10, ended up winning 42-10.

this game is feeling over.
new england's gonna win.
be aggressive.

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