Monday, February 28, 2005

You Were Only Waiting For This Moment To Arrive

Please, surrender to the void.

Current Favorite Track That Was Destroying Me For the Last Week:

Man, 2005 feels like a a pretty good year on the music tip, definitely better than '04. and good riddance.
stoked on 2005!
And this song takes me to that special happy place we should all be at a lot more than we all probably actually are. Slow, dub-heavy beat, the vocals evenly spaced out, sampling paul maccartney's chorus "blaaaackbird, flyeee" and then some of the lyrics....spaced out. Sweeping keyboards, driving beat, deep. Oh man, this song killlsss.
Into the lightttt of the dark black niiiighttttt

I've been playing it at the Slanted Door the last couple weeks and i'll probably try to do so this Wednesday at The Bright River (see DJ Gigs, on side)
This is exactly the kind of treatment this song has long deserved. Of course, it's totally illegal.
But who cares, this is what music is all about.
Even with the fuzzy sounds and crackly shit.

And maybe i'm the "Blackbird," taking my broken wings and learning to fly (and please, no references to Mr. Mister OR Pink Floyd, music-heads).

OK, i take back what i said a few weeks ago about Paul McCartney being a putz.
He isn't a total putz. Well, he is kind of a putz now.
But back in the day, he wrote some songs.

This makes me chest get all tight and stuff.
BIG UPs to Banzai Republic, who did the gorgeous remix.

DJ in Italy hit with biggest MP3 piracy fine in Europe
Wow, that's some scary shit. and lame too.
i saw Tom Waits at the Mos Def show a couple weeks ago in Berkeley.
Well, i didn't actually see him with my own pupils, my friend did.
She really did see Tom Waits.
He was wearing his trademark hat, though not playing the piano.
More Hunter S. Thompson stuff
Hunter ashes to be shot from cannon
That rocks.
Being There is a great film, i've decided.
The Drug To End All Drugs
Five Ways The Music Industry Is Changing
Women, embrace the Magic Cone, now animated for your pleasure
Apparently 1969 is the year of the Rooster, so this is my year.
Or so i've been told, that this is MY YEAR. Whoo hoo!
People do tell me things from time to time.
Often even.
Heavy petting rules.

Homespun shows find big audience: Do-it-yourself podcasters turn their living rooms, basements into studios

and this sidebar is also quite informative.
Podcasting gives voice to amateurs: Although it's not as easy as blogging, it's still worth the effort
Firefox Continues To Chip Away At IE's Share
Today, i was the winner of my work-related Academy Award picks. I got 16 out of 24, and the only major category i screwed up was Best Director (i was sure Martin Scorsese was going to pull out the Best Director category but alas, he did not).
I was secretly hoping for Kate Winslet to win for Best Actress because i love her and i loved the movie she was nominated for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
anyway, for my deft mind and overall unbelievable skill in selecting so many correct answers, i was awarded $10 million dollars, paid out to me over 10 million years.
but still, i got that going for me.
Man Accused of Having Relations With Cows
Oh No You Didn't!
Love the one you're with (not safe for work)
Superfriends meets 'Office Space'
Real Life vs. Internet
Brawnyman, the sensitive side
Forget The Gates, it's all about The Crackers
It's not you, it's the E talking


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