Friday, March 04, 2005

Don't Pistolwhip Me, Argentina

Nobody uses combs anymore.

Maybe your grandpa still does. But that's about it.

What happened?

Back in the day, everybody had a comb in their back pocket.
i know i used to rock the backpocket comb. always in my right buttpocket. not sure if that meant anything but seems like it may be connected to the arbitrary notion in the 1980s that if you wore an earring in your right ear, that was a signal that you were gay. all the kids at my school thought this was true.
hence, we all thought Rod Stewart was gay.
in fact, there was some urban legend about randy Rod having to have his stomach pumped because it was overflowing with semen.
that would have to be a truckload of semen being gulped down to get to the point of having your stomach pumped, no?
even pornstars who do gangbangs don't have to get their stomach pumped.
or at least, i don't know about it.

but back to combs.

does this mean that we, as a society, have said we don't need to comb our hair anymore?

apparently not.

how was it that at one time, combing your hair was a necessity but today, if you saw someone in the bathroom using a comb, you'd be like 'what's that dork's problem? i think i'll push his face into the mirror for laughs.'
the world is a great and mysterious place, i tell you.

Punchable crafts are important


Hot new word i've been hearing people say:
kludge (pronounced cloo-jee) - means: techie term referring to being screwed up or poorly designed. (thank you anonymous poster for that bit of info!)

Hot new song i keep singing:
LCD Soundsystem "Daft Punk Is Playing At My House"

Copyrights Keep TV Shows off DVD

Teacher Has Sex with Pupil While Baby in Car: Cops

Artist Wants to Build Corpse Art Factory

AOL Integrates Buddy Lists With Outlook

Positive About Negativland IPod

If you sing happy birthday, cough up some cash!

Superman Is A Dick
Who knew?

I made this.
Thievery Corporation review

Detroit Techno is saved, yet again.
Techno fest gets a 2-year reprieve

i'm very happy to see that the festival once known as the DEMF and Movement is back from the brink and ready to serve up more delicious Motor City Techno madness.

But about that name..."Fuse-In Detroit: Electronic Movement"

i mean, come on ... Let's put our thinking caps back on people!

While "Movement" made me think of a specific bowel function, not a good image, i realize, "Fuse-In" makes me think i'm attending an event thrown by General Electric or some shit.

yeah, call me a hater -- but anybody that knows me understands i have full-fledged love and respect for Detroit techno -- and i'm sure i'll get used to the name, but just call the damn thing 'Detroit Techno Festival' or something similar.
Isn't that what Detroit is all about anyway? dispensing of the superficial bullshit, the lame corporate titles and getting down to the nitty gritty dirty techno music we know and love?

for fuck's sake....

that all said. of course, i'll be back in Detroit Memorial Day Weekend for the SIXTH CONSECUTIVE YEAR.

i got a lotta love for the D.


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Anonymous said...

Properly, it's spelled kludge.