Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Yes, the World HAS gone Mad

Well, it's a good thing we Americans continue to exercise our 2nd Amendment rights.
The NRA should be proud of all the killings we've been doing lately, because it's simply Americans expressing their individual rights, right?

If the Minnesota school shootings are the worst since Columbine, why is this not as big of news as Columbine?
Could it be it's because it was in a small town in northern Minnesota, on an Indian reservation?
Oh no, i'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that all the Columbine kids were relatively affluent, white suburban kids living in a 'safe' environment.
And these kids were Native Americans, relatively poor and living in an area most Americans would consider uninhabitable.
The bias is beyond transparent.

I mean, it's not as important as Congress investigating steroids in
baseball but come on now.


Anyway, back to Terri Schiavo ... because that's REAL news, right?
Something that can pull at your heartstrings.
And we can SAVE her, right?
Never mind if we have no idea if this is what she would want, to be kept alive via machines.
I think this quote by House Majority Asshole Tom DeLay - who was called a "little slithering snake" by Michael Schiavo, Terri's husband - is particularly funny:
She is one of us, and this cannot stand.

Hmm, that's interesting. So is Congress going to jump in to every case in the U.S. of persons who are being kept alive in vegetative state but failed to explicitly write out their exact wishes regarding resuscitation?

No, they're not.
This is purely for political gain.

Don't believe me?
How about injecting some neat, heart-stirring controversial words into the debate like "Terrorism."
DeLay called the removal of Terri Schiavo's feeding tube "an act of medical terrorism."

Never mind that this case has been reviewed by 19 judges in six courts in the 15 years since Terri Schiavo had a heart attack that cut off oxygen to her brain.
They didn't know what they were doing, see?
But Congress, they surely know what they're doing. We can trust them.

So you can tell all the Republican pricks who label any judge that doesn't agree with them an "Activist Judge" to try and explain why this life is more important than the thousands of others in similiar situations right this very minute. Tell those families that 'hours do matter at this point' too, as White House spokesman Scott McClellan said Friday.

I can't wait to see the flurry of emergency legislation this spawns.


Speaking of guns, shooting, killing and other stuff that's personifies The American Way, I had a strange near-encounter with some flying bullets the other night.
I was coming home from my weekly DJ gig at The Slanted Door Saturday night, just after 11 p.m., and had just crossed Market Street via 6th Street, which turns into Golden Gate Ave. via Taylor. For those who don't know San Francisco, this area is well-populated by drug dealers, crackheads and other similar types of peeps.

Well, as i was driving through the intersection, rather slowly because of the traffic, I heard the rattling of several loud pops outside, as i had my moon roof open and my window down.
Even at the time, i was thinking "Those are gunshots."
I quickly scanned the crowd on the street and everyone i saw definitely had their eyes peeled and looking concerned and on the alert, all looking toward the same area (which, at this point, was now behind me as i was still driving).

i gave a quick glance back but saw nothing and went on my way home.

I didn't think much of that episode until the next morning when i was watching the news and learned that there indeed was a shooting at Golden Gate and Taylor Saturday night, just after 11 p.m., and that 3 people were shot.

I was like, "Holy Shit! Bullets and i were in close range of each other."
It was very freaky, to say the least, to realize that i was correct, that it was gunfire being sprayed as i drove by.

That'd be a shitty way to die, too, being in the wrong place at the wrong time and getting taken out by a stray bullet some crackhead spewed.

But, i didn't die. So, i got that going for me.
Which is nice.

Cameron Diaz and Britney hate HDTV
behind all that soft lighting and post-production touch-ups, Cameron apparently has a bad acne problem on her face. And Britney, well, she's actually 42, obese and wears a wig. Amazing how technology and plastic surgery can hide human flaws so well these days.

John DeLorean Dies, Back To The Future lives on in the past

Yahoo buys Flickr
I wonder if it'll soon be called Flickr! instead of the not-as-exciting flickr.

Experts: Lower-sugar cereal no advantage
Now that really sucks for cereal-loving people like myself. How will i go on?
I probably won't.

Pomegranate Juice Cuts Cardiovascular Risks
But see, this is good news, huh?
I can start drinking that shit, for sure.
Though, i ain't about to start eating the actual fruit. Pomegranates are weird and full of these messy little seeds and stuff. i'll take processed pomegranates please.

Word of the Day: Foisted
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