Tuesday, March 29, 2005

What It Feels Like Right Now

Johnnie Cochran is dead. Crazy Shit.
He's the type of guy you don't really think about dying.
Guys like that, they don't die.
Ah, but i am wrong.

Most common thing i heard said about him today: "Wow, I didn't know he was that old."
For the record, he was 67.
Forever associated with the phrase, "If it doesn't fit, you must acquit."
And they did.

Of course, there was more than the O.J. trial


There's a girl sweeping the street outside right now.
Odd, yes.
Though I do know that she parks her car in one of the garage slots.
Still, she's sweeping front of several garage slots next to hers.
Like, using a big broom and sweeping the dust off the street and toward the curb.
Ah, well, looks like she's done.


Music Playing Right Now I'm Enjoying:
Beat Pharmacy "Cape Town"

This is the second time i've mentioned Beat Pharmacy in a recent entry.
From Africa, South Africa, i believe.
Very rhythmic.
Several layers.
Horns that are echo-ey.
And there's some flute underneath it all.
Whoops, gotta update you for the here and now, now.

Music Playing Right Now I'm Enjoying:
Beat Pharmacy "New Dawn"

This is a great track, first discovered on a fun-filled trip home from work on I-280 with a good writer pal of mine.
HOLLA!!! (loud enough Ronster?)

where all my people at?


i currently have two open beverages near me:
1. Talking Rain sparkling water - my current drink of choice.
ever since i gave up drinking soda pop (it wasn't easy, yo...but success has been attained), i've been all over the TR scene.
not an easy beverage to find, mind you. but a fine one, indeed.
no guilt soda - sodium free, no calories, no sweeteners, no nothing.

2. Sapporo - imported premium beer, Japan's Oldest Brand (or so says the label)
in one of those 22 oz. silver steel-like cans. delicious.


Jerry Falwell is in critical condition.
We can all pray.


Today was the day that got away.

As Annie says, Tomorrow is just a day away.


My right foot hurts and has been aching for awhile.
In the middle of it, like a bone is bruised or something.
Which, i can't really figure out, since i don't recall screwing it up at all.

What could have happened?
It's a mystery.


It's a good day for Freelancers.
When has anyone ever said that before?


Speaking of good days, it's nice to see this too.
Sorry W.

On the other hand, we have a long way to go.


These things will happen.
The foibles of youth.


Good evening.

Some day your prince will come.

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I can't believe it. I'm finally a star.


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