Monday, March 07, 2005

Touching My Plastic

Cat Survives 10-Mile Trip on Top of Car

Wisc. Hunter Wants Open Season for Cats
What an asshole this guy is. Give the people their guns and look what they do with them.
I say the cats should be able to arm themselves too.
Too bad most kitties don't have thumbs.

    Supplemental (3.10.05)

    Well, it seems some kitties must have been reading my blog and decided to follow my lead in a kitty Call-To-Arms.
    Cat Shoots Owner
    it's good to know my blog is reaching so deeply into the kitty community.
    Go kitties go! Take back your rights!


All Hail The Death Of Radio

Scra-Scra-Scratching Thin Air

Amon Tobin live DJ Set
Coming on the heels of his rockinest, awesomest live set i've ever seen him thrown down at Bimbo's a few weeks ago, comes this kick-ass dj set from Mr. Tobin.
Now if we could only figure out how to pronounce his name correctly....

Top Ten Most Overused Music Critic Words, Phrases and Cliches
Good stuff, Maynard.

Overheard in New York
i love the concept of this site. i am constantly intrigued by the random stuff i hear on the streets of San Francisco. Being out of context makes it even better.

Hunter S. Thompson Police Report
I found this to be quite a fascinating read but of course, i'm morbid like that.
I guess i didn't realize he shot himself in the kitchen, sitting on a stool in front of his typewriter.
The single word on the typewritten page? "counselor"
have fun with that one conspiracy theorists!

Geek Love

Wake Up, Time To Die

i.e. for those times you see a kick-ass image but either don't have your camera or just don't feel like mucking up the scene with a camera, taking away from the realness of the situation.
isn't it funny that i have to refer to the realness of the situation considering that everything we experience is (pretty much) 'real'?
but you know, you bring a camera into almost any situation and the dynamic immediately changes. People know they're being recorded and may act differently.

Ooh Baby, You Missed The Hole

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