Thursday, March 17, 2005

Grand Master Cowbell

I never get tired of watching this.
I need more cowbell
(thanks While Seated)

Rad Monkey Cowbells
My favorite line:
You dream about tone. You practice relentlessly. You dedicate yourself to mastering your instrument.

Uh, it's a cowbell. Not a guitar or a harp.

Your Tax Dollars Being Wasted

Lil' Kim Gets A BIG Verdict

And now, a word from our sponsor ...
Every spaceman knows you just gotta have Hostess Twinkies along.
Even spacegirls know it.
You get a big delight, in every bite.
Delicious Hostess cream-filled Twinkies, taste out of this world.
With luscious creamy white filling inside,
Soft golden spongecake outside.
You get a big delight, in every bite.
Yep, smart spacemen always have plenty of good-tasting Twinkies along,
wherever they go.
Hostess Twinkies.
Thank You Raymond Scott for that.

Celebrate Your Irish Heritage By Learning Your REAL History

Try on a random search on Gizoogle, the new alternative to Google, and bask in the kick-assed-ness you are about to receive, glory be!

Enjoy! Ahoy!

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