Tuesday, October 19, 2004


And so here it is. 35. Damn. Crazy.
Amazingly, i'm still alive.
OK, not amazingly.
but hey, i'm stoked.

i did many fine things on my birthday fun time weekend, i must say.
Friday night was a blast, first dinner at Zuni in SF, which was definitely one of the best meals i've ever had. i even tried fresh oysters, which were kind of freaky, but i ate two of them. First time in my life. We drank fine wine, excellent champagne and various other things.

Then, onto the mission for drinks and stuff with a large group of friends. That was so great!
look at me, all gushing and stuff.
i got tanked. but i'm glad i did.
i couldn't believe how many people made it out.
so rockin!
more later.

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kim said...

Happy b-day Timmy! From your friend in chilly GR, MI.

Here is your present: