Thursday, October 07, 2004


Ah, it's nice. Bush is starting to feel like a loser. And that's good.
Because overall mood and momentum is everything.
i can't tell you how angry i instantly feel whenever i see someone proudly sporting their Bush placards in the back of their trucks or SUVs (and it's true, W stickers do tend to be on the larger vehicles on the road). How can you be for this fool?
i always look at the driver to see what nimrod is

where is my pipa? i can't find my pipa. can you tell me where my pipa is? i can't find my pipa. dammit.

windtunnel supreme.

have you noticed the hot new trend is saying "F'd" instead of saying "Fucked"? it's true. i've noticed it. therefore, truth.

i feel encouraged by my new move today to my new department in my new job!
yeah, remember those "tall tales" i spoke of in recent entries?
well, the facts are in.
i have a job.
of course, i cannot say where i'm working specifically. it's a large internet company.
and i am happy. sure the commute sucks major major ass. and i desperately want to move to the City, especially since i'll have the train option. but i truly like my coworkers. i feel challenged every day. yet, i don't feel overwhelmed. i was at first. but any new job, you're overwhelmed at first. understanding the culture of the company, your specific roles and duties.
all that shit.
so yeah, finally, at long last, i have a full-time job. that i feel comfortable in.
it's a very calming feeling i must say. i was less "excited," per se, than i would have expected.
but damn, i finally feel like something went my way.
all the shit i've endured.
and i'm not looking for a pity party.
but yeah.
shit yeah!!!

so, yeah, that's the true tales i didn't tell testily.
shit (golly!).

well, i must watch the Daily Show.
it's an addiction.
you understand.

btw, i really really hope kerry breaks the rules in the third debate and addresses Bush directly. what does he have to lose? and what will happen? it'll show kerry's ballsy.

Go Kerry!
Beat this motherfucking piece of shit!
I want to stop thinking about it.
see how selfish i am?

sucka mcs

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