Monday, October 11, 2004

I Ain't Trippin'

OK, so i got a little harsh in my last missive. these things happen from time to time. you'll have that.
ya see.
cuz we iz angry, yessir.
we, meaning the American people, we is angry, gov'nah.
and we ain't takin' dis shit no mo.

i think i just slipped into three different phonetic accents there.
thank goodness i only hear those accents in my head.
for those of you at home, you'll just have to come up with something.

i missed decompression yesterday. i was quite ill when i woke up sunday morning. spent the entire day in bed. i do feel well rested, i have to say.
and we watched 'saved!' which was pretty good. fluffy but welcome, especially in my world.
the world i live in.
not the world you live in.
different world.
not a lisa bonet kind of different world.
that was just college shit.
i'm talking real world shit.
cause you know there's nobody better than me at keeping it real.
unless, i want to keep it more fake.
which happens from time to time.
man the torpedoes, full speed cheesehead.

i know you're looking at me weird.
it's likely because of the color of my goatee.
just like scott peterson's goatee.
when he was confused.
but i digress.
i can't believe i just mentioned scott peterson.
thanks PastTim.
you really know how to talk to people, yeah.

also, i highly recommend drinking and writing once in awhile.
it's amazing what kind of crazy shit comes out of you (see previous entry).

yeah, what happened was i was forcefed through live turnip dressing matches. it was a touchy, tough time.

in case you didn't know it, Christopher Reeve died.
people wanted to (and did) say "Superman" died, but that's lame that people only use that single reference point in his career as a way to define the man. on the other hand, how can you forget that performance in "Superman 2" when he twirls the world back in time so he can redo shit.
that would be so rad.

anyway, Chris Reeve. crazy. Rodney Dangerfield too.
Elliott Smith too.
a year ago, but still. he's also dead.
maybe it's because i'm listening to the new Earlimart record that's sort of a dedication to Mr. Smith.
Then i'm also going to listen to the new Elliott Smith record, using recordings he made before he stabbed himself in the chest with a knife.
people that aren't elliott smith had to finish the record without him, cause he died.
and it feels a little weird.
i must say.
and yeah.

so here i go off into the knife/night with a pocket in my hand and a bottle of whiskey in my chancre holder.
it's a lovely site.
don't forget your rubbers.

i was talking about the rubber shoes to cover your nice patent leather (what exactly is patent leather anyway?) shoes when it's raining outside. they're like suede - they need protection.

also, i'm enrolling in the electoral college this fall.
can't wait till i get my grades back.
shove my face in a paint chipper.
maybe not.
but you thought of it.
haste makes hasten.

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