Saturday, October 09, 2004

free pass/venting

i know it's not just me in saying that Bush has gotten a free pass. But he has.
From like everyone, cuz he's gregarious and smart but not smart, you know?
also because he's a former drug addict and alcoholic. so we all kind of feel for him. maybe we can relate on that level too.

but for fuck's sake, enough is fucking enough.
people tonight are saying that Bush improved in this round, that he showed he could bounce back.
but you know what? why the FUCK should we care that that little shrub improves? it's like he's retarded and we're all trying to root him on, hoping he'll see the error of his ways soon enough.
wake up people! christ.
stop giving him the benefit of the doubt.
stop falling for his temporary charm.
Bush is a bad man. a very bad man. a man who should not be president. he is weak. he is a piece of shit. he is a bitch. he should shut the fuck up and go the fuck away. he's a maniacal man hellbent on bringing us close to our supposed "destiny" according to the king james bible and its tales of armageddon in Revelation.
you know what? the future is changeable. why does Bush always insist that he's right?
god, i fucking despise bush with more passion than anyone i've ever despised a human being in my entire life.

he's ruining america. he's a fascist pig hellbent on controlling everything we say and do.
why don't people see that shit?
please, why can't people understand what a fucking piece of shit pussy-ass pissant loser Bush is?

fuck BUSH!
you lowly worm.
you ass-breathing cockroach.

no one will miss your weak-ass whining after you lose, loser.

so fuck you gop. fuck you bush. i hope you rot in hell.


whew, i feel better now.

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