Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Mad About The Buoy

Of course, i'm talking about the surge by John Kerry of course.
I mean, yeah.
All right now.
Go to aisle two and pick up your refreshments in the pear stand.
why must you insist on having two glasses of milk with your refreshments? A true tale of intrigue, this is.
Of course, why am i leaving the electoral college?
Maybe because i'm getting expelled from the electoral college for bad grades. Or maybe, must maybe, a bad attitude.
You never do know.
I do know.
but you, you don't know.
Larry was right about you, pigs do go better with milk.

my bear has the right to sit on the fragmented loins of your bear.
that's what the constitution says.
all our rights guaranteed, unless dead.
then, all rights revoked.

back to dead people again.
they're dead.
more people are dead today than yesterday.
if we're talking in historical terms.
of course, more people are alive today.
or are they?
that would be the ultimate record keeping.
i could do it.
world accountant of people dead and alive.
a constant chart.

give that one to the gipper.
he's dead too.

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