Thursday, October 28, 2004

Civil War

As the election nears, myself along with many of my friends are starting to freak out.
What if this ilegitimate piece of shit wins this election? Of course the Republican party is pulling out the stops to try and stop people from voting, something that's guaranteed by the constitution.
Bush has divided this country like nobody else. i don't see how anyone could vote for him.
How could you vote for a hateful warmongering liar who went to war for pretty much no reason whatsoever?
How could you vote for someone who wants to loot social security and privatize it, thereby taking it out of government guarantees and instead hand it off to corporations?
How could you vote for someone who has lied to us every step of the way about everything he has ever done?
Someone who was AGAINST the 9/11 commission?
Someone who has presided over the worst net job loss since Herbert Hoover was in office (you may have heard of the Depression)?
Who cuts taxes for the very rich but does nothing for the middle class?
Who wants to make tax cuts permanent and thereby undermine the financial stability of the United States?
Who preaches hatred and intolerance of others?
Who, by ignoring the pleas of weapon inspectors (who were fucking right, btw, since there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction), created more enemies of the world than ever before?
Who acts as if he is sent by God himself and has a hotline to heaven?
Are you fucking serious?

Then you know what...
Fuck you.
Fuck you if you're voting for Bush.
Fuck you if all you care about is yourself.
Fuck you if you don't care about the future or your children.
Fuck you all, you stupid, self-centered Republicans.

If you're voting for Bush, you're my enemy.
if there's one thing Bush as been successful at, it's dividing us more than ever before.
I see us devolving into potential civil war.
Every time i see a Bush sticker or sign, i immediately think 'what's wrong with them? how can you be so fucking stupid?'
maybe you're ignorant. Maybe you just don't care, you're apathetic, or saying that 'neither guy is good.' ok, if that's you're reason, then why go with someone who has proven to be the most incompetent president we've ever had.

Whatever the reason, to me, if you're voting for Bush, you're not my friend.
I don't want you as my friend.
If you're reading this and you are pro-Bush, then fuck you. Don't bother contacting me again.
If you're stupid enough to actually believe that Bush is going to help this country, then you're worthless to me.
You obviously aren't thinking logically or honestly.
You aren't coming to terms with the truth.
Yesterday a friend of mine was freaking out worrying that Bush is going to win (of course, the only way Bush can win is by cheating, just like in 2000 - people seem to forget that Bush lost the election), saying he's waking up at night with nightmares, based on anxiety around the election. What kind of president is this that affects us in our daily lives?
A supremely horrible and dangerous president.

How can anyone be for someone who has been so hateful, so polarizing?
Do you really think bullying around the rest of the world is the right thing to do? And now there are more terrorists than ever before.
Never mind that we never found Osama Bin Laden, supposedly our sworn enemy after 9/11. how does anyone explain that?
Or that Iraq had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11.
How can so many people be duped by this man?
Christ, he's never even fought in a war. daddy got him out of it, remember?
Back when Clinton was president, Rebublicans used to criticize him for being a draft-dodger.
Yet, how is Bush any different?
Is he a strong president because he overcompensates for his inadequacies and weaknesses by acting like mr. tough guy with the rest of the world?
How is it that changing one's mind after given additional facts is wrong?
Life is all about nuance and change. Hello?
Everything Bush supposedly stands for is just total bullshit.

Tell the families of the all the soldiers that were killed looking for bush's weapons of mass destruction that this was something worth fighting for.

here's your Christian president

and here's some more anger for you from Eminem
Just know that the people WILL rise up and take this nation back from the hateful, weak-ass warmongering Bush is doing.

Fuck you Bush.
And fuck anyone who votes for him.

Fuck the GOP.
Fuck the liars
Fuck Bush, you filthy incompetent antichrist

Yeah, that's what i said.
Bush just might be the AntiChrist.

You think I'm paranoid?
No. I'm being real.
There's much more to all this bullshit surrounding Bush, 9/11, the Iraq war and everything else.
Here's one man's opinion.

or for a super brutal opinion, read Hunter Thompson's awesome election essay

Or for some really good laughs, check out Triumph the Insult Comic Dog's trip to Spin Alley after the third debate. Hilarious

And then there's this updated version of Schoolhouse Rock, Pirates and Emporers

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Anonymous said...

Well, you�re right. I�ve never felt a country so divided. I�ve never felt so much animosity towards a president. I disliked Reagan and H.W. Bush when I was a kid, but I never hated them. Now, I feel it�s not an election. It�s a moral debate. Coming close to Jews vs. Muslims. It�s freaking me out (as you stated), that we may actually be in the makings of a country divided. If this trend continues, where do we go from here? To violent mini-battles in suburban neighborhoods? Pacific Heights fighting the Mission? Los Gatos fighting East San Jose? A crazed Republican Christian holding public school kids hostage? Then a crazed Democrat father blowing up a Christian school? That�s how this shit starts. If you can recall how the U.S. Civil War started, it began in localized areas.

I know what the dangerous potential is� I�ve seen "Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones." It�s civil war in the making. Something must be done� now.