Thursday, December 06, 2001

Basic Pattern Control - Simple Simon mix

Belittle the earnest works of your brothers-in-law
Embrace yourself

Lack of saliva makes me nervous.
Only half a cup? Don't you like my coffee?

It's like a jungle sometimes.

Someone somewhere will die a peaceful death today.
And someone will die a violent death.
Will I be one of those people?
I hope not.
Though I wouldn't have to worry about my bills anymore.

Cheap perfume smells better on expensive kites.

At least I have a camel. You don't. That makes me better than you.

I�m unsure as to whether or not this is what you want me to see or some cruel wicked game you're playing on me. Don�t forget to blow your nose today. - Chris Isaak

My god, it's full of stars. - crunchy mcfeeno

I was in a deep house mood yesterday. I wonder if the rain has anything to do with that.
On Monday, I was in a banging techno mood.
Tuesday...ambient (I saw 2001 last night at the Castro...whoa, that is slooooowwww. but amazing too).
Today I�m in breakbeat IDM mode.
Maybe I should start planning my days according to what my musical mood is.

Mos def is playing at the justice league in SF for a mere $75 on New Year�s Eve. Damn. Insane.

I've readjusted my thinking about white bread. I was taking it too literally, the sticker that said, "white bread sucks," apparently. On the other hand, I really do like enriched white bread. However, I understand that white bread does indeed suck juice.

For some reason, I just thought of a story I was told by the manager at the defunct reptile house club in Grand Rapids. Monster magnet played there and after they were done, the manager went back to talk to them and there was the lead singer having sex with some girl propped up against the wall, not even 2 minutes after they were finished playing. That image of the greasy lead singer from monster magnet fucking some random groupie in this dirt-ass place makes me laugh. God, the reptile house. That place needs to be frozen in time as a time capsule of the early 90s music scene. I saw some incredible bands there.

Slab of misconduct awaits you.

Sometimes urination is annoying. I need a catheter. Or maybe a speculum.

Cappadonna fucked me over one too many times yesterday. He�s going down.

Areola fever is sweeping the nation. Get yours in red white and blue today and show your true patriotism.

I am not a clunker oven.

Gil Scott heron will no longer be broadcast on the radio. The past will be broken.

I like some songs more than others.

Nature can be rewarding.

Grass is good.

Excellent choice, Jose. I expect a full report on my desk Monday morning.
If that means you have to lock up the kids, leave the wife, starve the dog, and avoid all aspects of general responsibility as a human being, so be it. I expect the work to be done. Or you're out on your ass. Do I make myself clear?
That's right, I�ll need 100,000 words on my desk before I get in to work. And I get up damn early on Mondays, due to my wife's condition and all.
Her condition makes things difficult. You understand.
Good. I'm glad that's settled.
Now let's get to work.

Patience, young man. For tomorrow, we fight on a different day of the week than today.

Everything comes out in the wash, unless you're Martha Wash.

I really do miss Tom T. Hall.

I've never had a bun in the oven. I prefer toaster oven or microwave.

Liz Phair is my lovechild from a previous life.

That bloke is deaf.

Steve Clarke is dead.

Lamination is an important part of this nutritious breakfast.

Shower cap me with savings, salary man, before I get wet.

My ducks have never been in a row. I got into a row with the ducks instead.

Wordiness is the key component to anything we might discuss.

Leather jackets aren't made in my house.

I like orange peel juice better than John's show on the BBC.

The Bricks in my House aren't as good as the Commodores' bedpan collection.

Place your feelings on the floor, count to four, pick up sticks, round up Stevie Nicks, rotate and turn, let your body learn, Nitzer Ebb is no more, get up and open the door.

Cranial surgery can be fun.

Early morning feels better than young afternoon. Not really.

Tangible items available for less today.

Do you want more cheese?

Black items can be useful for some events.

Toads live longer than frogs. It's true because I said so.

Be careful out there. It's a tough world, little monkey.

Brought to you by "M.H.A.C., Inc." (My Hands Are Cold, Inc)

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