Thursday, December 06, 2001

more things to give to charity, the homeless and the better business bureau campaign to save sheep

top phrases have to be thrown up soon too.
how soon is now?

1. what up chopper.
2. how YOU doin?
3. hey charmer. fuck you.
4. tad, you've got to take off those pajamas. they smell of urine cakes.
5. i'm digging that shit.
6. pants are for pussies.
7. c'mere or i'll smack ya.
8. fire it up
9. i stink.
10. jesus kee-rist in hell.

please do not post these wherever fruit cake, warm ham or supple chimp soup is sold.
we don't support those items.

thanks for your beneficiary money.
it'll come in handy for my wedway people mover remover plan.

eat popple juice

tormentingly yours,

Concave-ass antonym boy

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