Wednesday, December 12, 2001

i regret that i have been unable to update the blog as i have been quite busy with assorted tomfoolery. i really want to update it and hope i'll have time tonight to do so. i have to spin from 9-11 at Fuse in north beach. before that, i'm hitting the east bay express/sf weekly christmas party at sno-drift.
so fun and excitement awaits the needy and others who aren't so needy.

last night was a rip-roaring good time at mr. Ted's tuesday soiree, just in time for the holidays. a fine event it was, with good conversation, good drinks and fine inhalation had by all. indeed, it was something to be proud of. yahoo. mr. Ted dressed up in his finest Santa outfit. the quote of the night was "Wait 'til you see me with my ass in place!" unfortunately, he didn't don said pillow in ass while we were there. damn!

also last night was the first time i was ever in Mad Dog in The Fog on lower Haight to snag some food before the partee.
it was quite inviting. they were playing beta band. we enjoyed it. i'd go back.
so much more to talk about, like the near-fight we saw on Market.
the haircut woman. but...that will have to wait until another day.
goodbye to you.
eat uncooked pancakes.
love, chub

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