Saturday, December 08, 2001


ok, so i get up extra early for this temp job this morning, stroll on into the ol' moscone center north for some sort of computer supply type jobby and nobody knows what the hell i'm talking about.
one of the security guards was like "they ain't set it up yet. they ain't set it up." or other helpful advice such as "you got the wrong information buster" and "try one of those rooms," pointing to about 50 of them. thanks.
of course, the agency got it wrong. moscone SOUTH. yeah. sheeeit.
so i just got paid for the last four hours for doing, well, sitting on my computer and deleting old email files, listening to a couple CDs (including Four Tet!!! Yes, it's my favorite cd at the moment. but damn, it's too short. i weep).
anyway, i'm about to get up outta dis piece, yo. back to tha bart, yeah.
fun fun fun at the moscone center for me.
i love the things we do for love and money!

buck up little children.
eat mango chards.
your comrade,
T.S. Rakish

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