Saturday, December 22, 2001

thursday - theater, lord of the rings and vanilla sky, didn't end up going out on thursday to ann arbor. just hung low at dave's place. rented a car in anticipation of going to ann arbor the following day but circumstances prevented such an action. leather seats, movie shut down, all you can eat food, vanilla sky...cellphone, trippy
damn you all to hell!
yesterday mostly spent sitting in front of the damn computer. fuck.
last night.. royal oak brewery, detroit to steve's going 90 listening to digweed, then hung for a bit before hitting the scene at some party and hung out with shades and tamara, jemele hill..damn she was cool. damn damn. met this dude from the houston chronicle, eminem shades is doing that, then hit cpop but it was over, then went to majestic and had a fine time hanging in the ultra-cool rock scene.
i spyed Stephanie, along with that girl from outrageous cherry, nice. and the so so hip white stripes were there. neato.
met up with slumber party chick, susie from cpop, outrageous cherry girl, all the hipsters in the place
late night love, jazz club with fish,

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