Thursday, December 06, 2001

Elementary Soup Kitchen

damn that dj made my day.
you know, i've never actually said that in all seriousness.
so i guess what i'm saying is that goddamn, a dj never truly made my day!
2:24 in the A.M. on a Thursday morn, cold and yep, still rainy. actually, more of a light drizzle that's been virtually nonstop for the past couple days. damn, the rain gets old.
i wuz just sayin' to ms. tina b, "yo, ms. tina b. i could, like, never live in, like, fucking seattle or portland or some shit like that. cuz, look here now, it's been raining something silly the last few weeks and it's driving my shit wacko! damn!"
"that shit is wack, yo.," ms. tina b. replied. "now go get me my cotton balls and fishnets."

actually, ms. tina b. didn't really say that shit about the cheese nips.
or was it something else?

something something "sometimes, when i think i'm going under.." damn, it's this early 80s song stuck in my mind that i heard at dj food show tonight at justice league in SF. �I think my something sometimes because I think I�m going under� with that fluttery synth rainbow. I keep thinking it�s grandmaster flash but maybe I�m thinking of �white lines.� Who knows? I gotta find out like pronto.

Tha dj food/four tet/bonobo show was pretty damn good, I must say. It was, how do you say, enjoyable? Yes. Indeed. Tis special night.
To be honest, I think I dug Four Tet the best, which is kind of strange considering I didn�t know much about Four Tet until today.
But ah, so much has changed now, hasn�t it?
FT is done by this very intense looking dude with unruly pseudo-afro hair kicking it as he meandered through a splattering of beats, cut-up guitars, tight break samples, weird hip-hop elements, flat tonal sub bass rippling through your testicles, old school soul, funk, electro and anything else you wanna toss in.

But what was even more intense was the super-fired up cat with the even bigger afro. he got seriously out of control.
He was falling into people, including me. Yelling, getting into people's faces, throwing his arms around wildly, going fucking nuts.
He told Dj Food at the conclusion of the show that they could have done better and that they sucked and told them so.
They were good...a bit too much on the '80s thing from time to time but a whole lot of fun.
and a whole lotta rosie.
just like lotta from harvey comics.
little lotta to be precise.

even though lotta was not little.

so i gotta find out about Uncle Charlie.

longer letter later

true love always

eat mule skin at some point

embrace yourself

Buttercake Mattle

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