Monday, December 10, 2001

ok, this is too bizarre. i have this weird knack being able to tell when people are going to email and/or call me. actually, it's not all the time and it's not just email and phone, but also running into people, finding things i haven't thought about in ages, and other seemingly random events.
my latest is i was just sitting here thinking that I hadn't heard back from this magazine I sent a long list of pitches to last week.
i had just fired off an email to a friend and went back to check my email, there sat an email from said editor. very bizarre.
i definitely know most people would say "oh that's just a coincidence." agreed. but those strange coincidences happen to me frequently, as many as 3-5 a week. all the time.
so i know it's not just some random thing.
i've am often calling people that are calling me at the same time, usually randomly.
gotta go, but so much more to talk about. so much so much so much.
beeee goood.
eat no cake

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