Thursday, December 20, 2001

follow up-
getting off the plane
subsequent conversation with sandy from carlsbad, ann arbor
her mp3 player, cds. she was an odd one. alrighty. too talkative for safety.
meeting dave, hanging together
getting the luggage, finding my ruined luggage, dave's comments, us standing, my shirt ruined, offered new luggage after 10 minutes, we take it, transfer, woman who yelled to us...bitch. fucked up so much. she stunk.
the gaudy 3-d star down the street - red white and blue for your pleasure; the super lighted unbelievable house was too too much.
the chillspace at the domicle last night.
fell asleep after while.
woke up at 10.
did email shit for like 3 hours
finally hit royal oak. ultra dead walking to there crazy. went the wrong way of course.
went right way. people don't walk here. decision is made to get car rental.
made it to royal oak. interviewed by people about christmas video. song..god rest, no singing. change in xmas this year mor subdued, patriotism. fave gift..stereo when 12.
hit starbucks armed with card. big confusion 6.47. they held up line while they talked about it. dumb.
went to vintage stores. not a whole lot there. yucko. incognito el stinko. then hit bagel place. they weren't down with me having starbucks in there. walked back.
just missed rain.
hanging low here. chill.
hair goo, rental car, hit dave's tehater. cool on the projector tip.dave has nice house too.
kids playing at school. comforting.
tis all good.
seeing movies today. yay.
kazaa rules. changed dave's yahoo.
and here we are.
add deja vu at 26 mix the other night. i know i knew about that. the matrix?

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