Monday, February 18, 2002

bo diddley was shot and forced to perform a conundrum on related employees at that swiss family robinson memorial.
he is listed in sensitive condition and is expected to discover.
please send all thank you cards to his non-forwarding distress.

changes in income are usually a result of poor hygeine.
good hygiene is the product of a safe society that embraces the love of a stranger.
even when that stranger asks you if you want a ride because they've got some candy.
candy doesn't work anymore. unless you're mr. willy wonka or a relative to santa bacon and even then you need skills to pay the bills.

armhair enthusiasts often choose buttery popcorn over unbuttery popcorn primarily because of grease envy and sheen obsession.
stop what you're doing and look at yourself behind the window.
you will not like what others don't see but can hear and mouth.

my gaping wound is apparently significant.
otherwise, people would stop staring at my hole.

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