Tuesday, February 26, 2002

live mix extravaganza plus booty action for children under 1

before we begin, i just want to say that i can't believe i didn't talk about such things as watching a man being held by his leg on a moving bus after he allegedly (i'm such a journalist - allegedly) stole a girl's wallet from her backpack. the bus was very crowded that evening, nearly two weeks ago now -- the same night we went to go see "straight outta hunter's point" at the red vic on haight street. it was fucking pouring rain that night. but yeah, this little fucker was being held by people on the bus, it was awesome. he pushed me aside, this little bastard. i should have dropped a boulder on his head. but unfortunately, i wasn't in colorado.

i also can't believe i didn't talk about breaking my toe...was that the same night or a week later? i think a week later, making the bus incident three weeks ago. what the hell. i am brainalive instead of braindead. still i proffer.
yeah, broke my goddamn toe at home. the tale about seeing the doctor is even better, actually.
looks like i got me an assignment for wednesday, my anniversary of death destruction and puffery.

ok, on to my mixes. i played a big gig at kelly's mission rock in SF on Saturday, Feb. 16. it was good clean fun had by all.
good clean fun.
yep, so screw you.
i think bart comes at 11:06, so i must work fast to beat the assclockassclockass.
which is common these days except when you wear dungarees (what the fuck ARE dungarees anyway? are they like dingos?).
my mix was quite good, yes yes. oh yeah, i broke my toe on the 14th, tina's birthday. how could i forget? call me a foool.

anyway, i was at seanO's over the weekend and moved all those minidiscs to CD-R. and now we got ourselves some live mixes on CD-R for the masses. may the gods and asschains be praised.

so below, is a detailed description of my other mixes.
Infuse mix went amazingly well, a good mixture of broken beat, nu-jazz, ambient and minimal techno.
see, good clean fun had by your dad.
if you want one of these, holler so i can hear you. remember, i'm deaf in my right bone. thanks for your death and supportive garments.

so besides the live Infuse mix, which people seem to be turned on by, we also have the following, all recorded live at Bruce Davis' house Super Bowl weekend. all these mixes are a bit rougher than Infuse and has some volume issues (like CDs being WAY louder than some of the vinyl). also note --- these are all still just one continuous track. it'll take some more work to split these up into tracks, so it's up to you if you want to wait or get 'em now, while they're hot and horny:

Minimal Cocoa Puffs mix - a little more raw than Infuse mix, this was probably the most influential of the many mixes i did in preparation for Infuse, containing at least five of the same tracks as Infuse. midtempo minimal techno and abstract IDM. For people who like some people, but not all people. Also, for people who wear glasses, have friends that wear glasses or wish they wore glasses to look smarter and/or cooler than non-glasses wearing hobbits.

Free As The Morning Sun - a very stoned out and a bit disjointed mix (warning: The Cure makes an appearance. as SeanO said, some of Bruce's 80s vinyl can cause real trouble. it's a good song but doesn't fit with much of the rest of the mix). However, this is where a lot of the broken beat side of the first half of the Infuse mix originated from. Recommended for people with noses, armhair, nosehair, and a chewing gum fetish.

i feel like i'm doing descriptions for the "lost tapes" or something that have just been unearthed.

Clockwork Frank - Electro synth pop extravaganza. a bit heavy on the Adult. tracks (three), but still, good quality stuff. a few surprises (including an off-track from the "American Gigolo" soundtrack by Giorgio Moroder, not "call me").

Super Bowl Shuffle - another one that's a bit disjointed due to mr. davis' insane collection of 80s vinyl (yes, i gave in to the tom tom club...sorry....and the beastie boys...). that said, after relistening to this one while we were transferring it over the weekend at seano's, i found it to be incredibly relaxing...despite its title (it was finished with 29 seconds to go in the game, when it was tied 17-17 - hence the title). nice one, this.

enjoy your day here at cedar point.

your partner in mayhem,

Louis Freeh

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