Monday, February 18, 2002

If it weren't for Sunday, Monday would be a different day of the week
Mon, 11 Feb 2002 17:48:09

Let's see, it's a lovely morning...
The leaves are growing on the trees.
It's not as cold as it has been.
It's not raining for a change.

Saturday - I attended the Alternative Press expo at Fort Mason, with dillard. we were there till like 4 p.m. on a gorgeous saturday, unbelievable really, considering how cold it's been.

Friday night� - dealt with Mr. Rolls, eating at the Mediterranean place ate in tent city, going home to tina's after kind of going off on her via email...

Yeah anyway, I'm feeling a bit grouchy this morning, dammit. What can I say? Ugh. Hanging with mosi yesterday for a good portion of the day was good but I got absolutely nothing done yet again.

Of course, I stop at montgomery to head off the pass and pick up some REAL peets coffee when, BAM, I'm screwed. I get inside and in line behind yuppie fucks (die yuppie scum) when I realize that I have no fucking money!!

I'm mad at Night Tim. Morning Tim is pissed off at Night Tim. But there's little Morning Tim can do to Night Tim since, unfortunately, we live and breathe in the same dimension. Which sucks.

Picture pages on Captain Kangaroo ruled.
Mr. Green Jeans was a cool cat too.
And then there all these little kids being loud and shit. And then you got starfucks and all that. Dammit all to hell.
Funny how things seem so important at the time are not so important like an hour later.

from the mouths of children:
Say stinky feet "I don't want to." Her favorite color is blue.� She doesn't like to say cheesy pizza either. Mandy...the valentine hearts are being used to bribe kids. They like kitties - minnie and daisy. I did smile...I diiiid.

I want 200 ping-pong balls dropped on my head soon.

I hate slow fucks that plod along like lumbering hippos, taking up my sidewalk space. Fuckers. I will kill them slowly.

Tue, 12 Feb 2002 17:19:57

Chinese new year - it's a big deal here in sf, with such a huge chinese population. of course, i am chinese. so that makes a big difference when i'm talking about pants and footwear.

Things go better with Coke, everything goes better with coke. if you wanna get down, get down to the ground, cocaine. see, i ain't talking about that shite. man. fuck cocaine. hey man, you got a rock? sister christian oh the time has come.

That homeless man with the beard and the same man who peed by the bart station that one night. he is always reading books and comic books. one day last week he was laying directly in the sunlight on market. it was a cold winter morning.
for you.
that man always uses a tin can, i think it was formerly that pseudo cheese they use to plop on top of nachos and cheese. then again, i could be wrong. but then, you'd be alive.

More terrorist attacks today - that's what they say. of course, fuck they. i prefer them. they is dumb.

Oscar nominations - thank god oscar isn't fickle. otherwise i'd have to erase oscar's face and turn his body into gold and sink his ass between the hasty teeth and luxorious pudding that pop used to make and enjoy.
those days are gone forever, but oscar always knows what kind of joy to bring on that special morning.
for oscar, oh oscar, is gentle, kind, considerate, blind, deaf, dumb and mute.
not necessarily in that order of spring cheese servings.

You're the man now dog
Riding around a razor scooter at the office is like riding the wind to be free again, even though i despise christopher cross and wish nothing but the worst for him and his minions.
Rightly, I got hired for me job, or at least, that's what i maintain to the proper authorities.

Do me a favor, use your etiquette and jump the railway station guard.
He will be happy you helped him avoid his phone calls and special duties to the mayor.
i said "special" duties that few men can accomplish.
the question is, is he a top or a bottom?
i say, they knew what they were getting into when they got on the plane. i say, let 'em crash.

borderline psychotic behavior is for the greater good
ella fitzgerald had my love child before i was dead.
elephants are important parts of your daily diet.
emo philips has no connection whatsoever to the advent of plasma screens in america.
i wish he did.

my one bottom part of my nose hurts.
could be the gout.
or whispery horses like robert redford sans wrinkles.
we go, NOW!~

avenue A is closed for business.
stop my nosebottom from moving and i'll pay you handsomely with this magical pen, impervious to everything in the world but water, unfortunately.

once again, i've been thwarted by a cyclops. damn the luck.

i love tap water.
drink it before it dissolves in your eyelid.

rapid fire testing is in order. take home some vitamin Z today.
let my people go.

brick bouncing stairmaster,
john john davis

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