Wednesday, February 20, 2002


do you know,
where you're going to..

do you like the things that i liked before you did yesterday.

for those of you still waiting for the apocalypse, remember this.
it's already happened.
after all, we have a faux president named Bush.
and i have a skeleton.
that should be enough to warrant full-scale warfare.

also, whiny vocals by men kind of suck too. you know who you are.

new Boards of Canada released today.
it's amazing. leave me alone, now, whilst i kill all people who use the word "whilst" in serious conversation to show off their supposed intelligence.

i still mourn the loss of phil hartman.
i weep for you.
and you and you and you and you.
my hearts stink.
give me your heartlight, like don johnson did.

is don johnson still alive?
i hope not.
at least, not in this dimension.

i'm now listening to the latest "another late night" series...this one by zero 7. it's quite good. i like it. yes.
my mix rules the world.
everyone should bow down before the one they serve, for they're going to get what they deserve.
i must go,
leave all gewgaws on my doorstep.

fudge you.
poundcake is so not good.
benny dee

Oh no, I think I just pappered me trollies

also, i just figured out my problem with delis.
see, i associate them with cold cuts, which are fucking annoying by themselves, but i think you NEED to have toasted bun, not bread (though toasted bread sometimes passes the timpratt test) to offset the meat and related stuff they slop on there.
it's waaaaay to easy to just slap together some cold-ass meat straight outta the fridge and a couple pieces of cheese and lettuce and mayo and call it a sandwich. see, that's bullshit. fuck that.
toast the damn bun. do something. why should i got to your lame deli? because it has "better meats?" yeah, more like better meats as long as they're not infested by workers' germs and fecal matter, which..btw, is on pretty much everybody's hands, unless you wash them superhardcore like every time you even come within range of a public restroom.
and if you're working anywhere, you're using a public restroom.
so stop with the deli shit.
fuck you delis.
you're not welcome.
get yourself a toaster. warm up the damn meat a little.
do something.
like i need another fucking roast beef sandwich with,ooooh, pepper jack, what a difference.
cold cuts suck ass

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