Wednesday, February 13, 2002

i apologize once again for getting so far behind on this.
so much is happening in my life right's really fucking crazy.
i have a new job and have just been offered full time employment, which is nuts.
tina and i looked at an apartment in san francisco last night and it looks like a good thing for's a friend of a friend so the likelihood of us taking it is fairly good.
sunday was spent mostly hanging out at home with mr. reeves, then a quick jaunt into the city to pick up new cd rack and stuff.
saturday was super late trouble as i went to alt. pres expo sat. afternoon, then hung out on haight street with several friends before heading over to the east bay for a cool art opening with pals from work, then back on over to SF once again to check out felix da housecat with mr. dillard once again. unfortunately, things did not go as planned. more on that later.

all in all, another crazy ass time we got going on here.
so this is a work in progress.
for those of you i left hanging on the personal tip last time around..just know that i will be adding to that as well.
i've got some woik to do for next few hours but last few nights have been spent sleeping and/or going tobed early, early early. i dunno what is up with that, weired.

today is ash wednesday give me your smudges.
best quote thus far this week; "somebody could be standing right here with us that wants to slit my throat" overheard at Peet's coffee this morning
pot raids - yeah they suck but they're not changing anybody's habit and certainly not going to slow down usage. let's just make the shit legal. i seriously doubt i'm going to be pulled over by a federal agent so i'm not that concerned.
yeah, the medical aspect is important but not all that important. come on now.
gotta jet.
like paul mccartney

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