Friday, February 15, 2002

green acres is the place to be.
hard living is the life for me.
sensual sucking saves so sweetly somebody soon supposedly will not live

my foot is black and purple and blue and something of unknown origin.
i'm not working today.
i'm taking occasional bong hits.
my lame duck foot is on top of the table as i type, making for a weird situation
see i got me some fucked up shit.
so much so much .
you can't believe the injuries i have incurred.
photos to come soon.
keep on doing it right. man
sand hand. land.
dobe fiends are better than dope fiends.
sucka mcs are better than sucka macs
and shit is not as good as shite
so frick you fucker.
i aim to leave my shit at your doorstep.
before i leave for christmas.
istanbul used to be my homeland
before the war of 1812.
die and live
that is my motto.
so sayeth the king.

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