Monday, February 18, 2002

on thursday, i pounded on a minivan window as it nearly ran me over.
last night, when i got home at like 3 a.m (previous night was like 5 or 6 am. due to shit on the bay bridge, like death destruction police rain and accidents), i found that all the beer cans from when i saw those idiots sitting in front of our house saturday night, tossing the beers on the sidewalk right in front of me.
well, i found the van just down the street.
so i took the empty beer box, several cans, one with beer still in, and set them all on top of those fuckers' van hood. i laughed. nobody saw me, at least, not as far as i can tell. maybe some invisible people did. but they can't touch this.
like U.
beer beer beer right back at you fuckers. especially shitty bear like busch light. or was it bud light? or hamms. i can't recall, much like oliver north couldn't recall.or ronald "shitbag" reagan.
when is he going to die?
ah well, at least i have my 401K through dykehaus incorporated.
it's trustworthy, because it's incorporated.
i love corporate things. they are so much better than other things that aren't corporate.
like trees, saddleshoes, and bloodstained street sheets.
my belly itches today. could be ear mites.
painful as it is, i prefer to kneel when standing.
it helps me swivel while breathing and or choking young vitamin players looking for love in all the wrong places.
go out the back jack, don't need to be coy roy, just hop on the bee lee and set yourself free.
get on the gus, bus.
don't need a new stan, plan.
gamecocks never looked so handsome in the moonlight after christmas, hanukkeh, kwanzaa, and santa bacon day.
peel away my skin. i'm about to burst with substance.
get yourself some tea, lee.
and learn how to pee.

soundrels will pay.

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