Monday, November 29, 2004

Hard Work

Big surprise this is. Or not.
Lying Makes Brain Work Harder
Brain Scan Shows Differences in Truth, Lying
Lying is harder than telling the truth because you have to remember what the lie was specifically and to whom, since, you could be telling different lies to different people.
Not that i would know anything about any of this.

i need to come up with three albums that would make good gifts that came out this year.
And quicklike, see?
so i'll be back to post on the travails of thanksgiving weekend momentarily.

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Anonymous said...

Name one fish who suffered more than me. “We're trying to help you.”
Making me inactive in my youth was to enhance your positioning. I was obese when I was hiking.

I have decided the gods are wicked. They've taken too many liberties, crossed too many lines anfd have revealed their immorality. Convienience is the priority.

My trademark:::The penticle. Guess I really am Lucifer. “You're coming back.” There was always no doubt:::If I tried and fought they would have accepted culpability to ensure I was the one who initiated disfavor on the next Planet Earth. This way it doesn't cost them anything.

The gods are wicked.

The gods are wicked.