Saturday, November 20, 2004

Yet Another Black Eye for Detroit

I'm not as much of a sports fan as i once was, though it'll always be in my blood.
so when i saw the shocking footage from the Detroit Pistons-Indiana Pacers game Friday night in Detroit, my jaw fell to the floor -- and then some.
holy shit, a full-scale fight that began on the court and turned very ugly when an idiot fan threw a beer and possibly soda on Pacer Ron Artest while he laid atop the scorer's table.
Artest leaped into the stands and attempted to fight the guy who threw the cup (too bad he got the wrong guy). there's just no excuse for this to have escalated like it did.
i think the players and the fans are equally at fault in this.
i'm embarassed as a Detroit fan and as a somewhat proud (and former) Michigander.
i still represent for Detroit. But as ESPN just said, this was a line that was crossed, crossed and crossed again. Fucking pathetic on all sides. i'm glad the pistons players didn't seem to be involved in most of the melee. but shit Pacer Artest cold-cocked a couple random fans on the court. it was crazy, to say the least.

but what the fuck, it was a total disgrace. fans dumping shit all over the players? i hated plenty of players but it was in the vein of the game. i never ever thought of taking it beyond that. it's a fucking game. a GAME. it means nothing. really.

it's so weird because i'm so not an avid sports fan like i once was but this thing is just mindblowing.
here's a few stories, though you gotta see the video to appreciate this.
A new low: Only solution for NBA is to get rid of the guy who's the problem

Ugly brawl taints Pistons' loss in Central showdown

Plenty of blame to go around


Fists, objects fly near end of Pacers-Pistons

and in completely unrelated news, i found this to be quite interesting.
so yeah.
note the condescending tone of this headline in CNN about the election.
yeah, liberal media. oh yeah.

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