Wednesday, November 17, 2004

on fire

jon stewart is just that tonight, fucking hilarious and ruthlessly funny.
the kind of funny i fucking dig mother fuckers.
and also.

chocolate thunder is your friend.
what's the matter with kansas?
being discussed by jon stewart and thomas frank, author of aforementioned book regarding the plain state.
i fucking hate the red states.
fuck you.
fuck your elementary soup nazis.
this guy the author is a douche.
what the hell. he is from kansas. stinkeyes for free.

i'm so syrupy sometimes. charlotte sometimes too, if i were robert smith.
fuck morality.
the moral minority can go be moral by themselves.
frank the cat is getting on my back.
this is a strange phenomenon, frank just said about people who vote in nebraska and kansas, and ensuing red states. the frank capra-esque ideals of America, their victimization, complain constantly that they're victims.
the baby boomers are all to fault, i think.
attempting to create a world that never really was, an ideal world where morality ruled and that was the only way to keep people in line, to create order.
however, order is actually created by suppression, according to Republicans.
chocolate thunder still rules. unless you're no longer dead.

be careful, i have staples.
apparently, the fucking parisitic christian right are even anti that new Kinsey film starring liam neeson, because of all the 'inaccurate' portrayals of sex and his far-reaching, insanely influential sex studies in the 1940s and 50s. can you guess also controversial?

these right-sucking republican cowards just need to latch onto something at every turn, playing on fear, ignorance and complete blind faith.
i will cheer at your ginormous demise.

also, tom delay goes to hell automatically.
and, fuck you michael powell, you inept bible-thumping cockroach.
stab out all of our eyes please, because you're the real ruler.

tom deLay is a stink-ass.

dead skunk in the middle of the road.
it's a good thing i'm making sense.
these republicans are going to take our entire country down.

again, i say, republicans, you are the enemy.
you are evil.
vile you are.

go away

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