Wednesday, November 03, 2004

i feel like i've been punched

the world is going to hell. we're all headed down a really bad road. and people are worried about moral values???
what is wrong with american society?
what is happening?
how can this be?
it's so disheartening.
it's just simply horrible.
that a man as evil as george w. bush could possibly be re-elected.
how is it that all the exit polls were wrong?
did the gop cheat?
nobody is asking that question. and it's not out of the realm of impossibility.
i just don't understand how so many people could do this?

more nasty shit is gonna happen, that's for sure.
and where was the youth vote?


it's all such a huge disappointment to thinking people everywhere.
because we all know this just isn't right.
George Bush doesn't seem to have the capacity for reasoned responses to anything.
It's all about making impulsive decisions and sticking with them no matter how illogical or idiotic.
the only hope is that he doesn't have to pander so much to the Christian element of his base. on the other hand, without them, he's not in office again.
this really hurts.
a lot.

i don't really want to talk to anyone.
i just want to bury myself underneath my headphones and get shit done.
at least i won't have this huge gigantic thing to obsess over anymore.

my heart hurts.
i fear the America of 2004.

it's sickening. all of it.

some early rants and reactions from what is apparently the minority - thinking people.

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