Monday, November 01, 2004

Voter Intimidation Already Happening

Essentially, you vote for George W. Bush or follow Bush's rules and disallow freedom and this is what happens.
US Journalist punched, arrested by officer outside Florida Voting Office

But here's some better news:
Judge bars challengers at Ohio polls
Finally, someone with some sense. How is 'checking people at the polls' fair? these vile Republicans will stop at nothing. They are pure evil and must be vanquished.

I mean, look at this bullshit from my home state:
Misleading Calls Made to Michigan Voters
Telling people that Kerry would make gay marriage legal.
first of all, he has already said that he won't do that, though i think that's highly lame to say that.
the sanctity of marriage? the lamest thing i've ever heard.
wake up people. how does gay marriage affect your life in any way? it's a total non-issue and is all about discrimination and hatred.
Everyone knows the Republicans are racist bastards so why not spread the hate in the name of Jesus?

11:03 a.m.
I'm just now getting online after being at work for an hour. Everyone in my department was moved on Friday, along with a ton of other people, a mass move within the campus, but big surprise, the movers screwed a lot of things up.
At present, i have no keyboard tray, so it's already hurting my wrists to write right now. So feel lucky, you peasants! Fuzzy shit.
no really, i can muddle through my hardships, my tough breaks, you know? i'm a strong guy with a mandate and i'm not messing around.
the movers totally criss-crossed my connections with another PC tower they brought along with my stuff, despite the fact that i didn't put a sticker on it and therefore shouldn't have been moved.
problem is that second tower is counted on by all of our international peeps for access, so they is pissed in Omaha, Dublin, London and Berlin. But they're stoked in Bombay.
maybe not. i know nothing about Bombay. But damn, Kabul is stoked.
of course, i managed to figure out the problems. everything is wrong.
the whole world is wrong.
at least the people that dont' see things my way.

ok, my wrists really are hurting from writing this way. guess i'll need to go home and curl up in a ball and wait for death to come.

ok, now let's get dour, yo!

insta-thoughts on present-day shit:
Optimistic yet freaked on the ground here in Cali.

The Packers won, though. Heh. Victory is assured. Yes.

I don't know, my gut is telling me Kerry is going to win. But i'm also highly concerned about voter fraud (check the story link above).

so many variables can still happen. But i just feel like kerry is going to win, more decisively than anyone thinks.
I could be wrong of course.
If it's razor-thin, we won't know for weeks, i'd guess, and that will favor Bush, the longer it goes on especially so.

However, I really can't fathom Bush conceding unless it's a wash.
Really, i can think of few things i'll relish more right now than to watch Bush pout and have to concede. it'll be sweet.
I almost feel like if Bush does go down hard, he could show his true colors in the next few months and really try to muck things up. I can also see him going completely bonkers/apeshit. It's not beyond him to do so. i think he could snap completely.

Honestly, i am sincerely afraid for our future if Bush wins.
I'm kinda glad i don't have any kids.

Eventually everyone will realize what a monster Bush really is but it'll be too late at that point.

God, everything is so troubling.

But don't put too much faith in any of the mainstream news organizations. They still make me mad when they say shit like 'newsweek says bush is up by 8' on nbc and i'm like 'what the hell are you reading/smoking?'
I go online immediately and all the polls tell me otherwise.

Also, remember, at this point in 2000, some polls had bush up by 12-13 points, so...voter turnout is everything.

Yeah, I seem to have a clear understanding of what's going to happen.
Glad i helped you work through your doubts.

Now let's go get some custard pie...

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