Monday, November 15, 2004

The Real Fallujah
What the media isn't showing you

All the media can do is talk up our success there. Never mind all the people we're killing, or our soldiers that are dying.
And for what???

Take a look at what war REALLY looks like.
These are horrific photos, be warned.

Fallujah In Pictures

Or here's some raw footage from some soldiers in Fallujah.
No blood and guts but still, frightening nonetheless.
Fallujah Video

oh, this is something really important.
Let's send Secret Service agents to a fucking high school because they were planning to perform Bob Dylan's anti-war song "Masters of War" and hysterical parents thought they were talking about Bush.
High School Talent Show Turns Political

Fucking stupid Republicans. Fucking stupid.

But then, that is nothing compared to the jaw-dropping shooting of a defenseless Iraqi by an American soldier. I just caught the video on CNN and it made me sick.
Military investigates shooting of wounded insurgent
U.S. Military Probes Shooting of Iraqi in Falluja
So this is what we're at war for? to kill random people at will?
Apparently, yes. All i can say is we're all going to pay for these ruthless disgusting killings of thousands of innocent people so Bush can push his stumbling bravado upon the rest of the world. Again i ask, what the hell is this war for?

And then there's these dumb hick soldiers on TV expressing their amazement at Arabs as young as what he described as 13 or 14-year-old kids attempting to fight the Americans. "Why would they even try to fight us?" he asked. Uh, because you're in THEIR FUCKING COUNTRY! Gee, i thought the Americans were there to "restore peace." Oh yeah, that's right, we kill 13 and 14-year-olds (obviously we do, because the soldiers couldn't believe kids this young were fighting them) in the name of democracy and to 'help' them.

How can we advocate all this senseless killing? And we're supposed to support the troops? i realize that these troops were sent in because of decisions made by politicians, but seeing video like the stuff i posted above, as well as this impending investigation with the soldier who killed the defenseless insurgent, makes me shudder with disgust and fear for our country and what we've wrought.
unfortunately, i do believe we will all reap what this country has sown.

meanwhile, we have the CIA falling apart too and much of Bush's cabinet heading for the exits ...ah what fun the next four years is going to be...

feeling good yet?

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