Friday, November 05, 2004

More Election Fraud

While it might certainly seem like i'm obsessed with this, i'm not as obsessed about the election as i was, say, Monday.
though i had reached my burnout period a while ago.
Still, this election fraud problem needs to be addressed and looked at to ensure that the vote count we came up with on Tuesday is the correct one.
Voting Machine Error Gives Bush 3,893 extra votes in Ohio
Is this just the beginning?

Here's another story on the same subject
E-Vote Glitch Inflates Bush Total

Meanwhile, the Democrats do what they do best, blame each other for their defeat.
This time, they're blaming San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom. Weak, very weak.
Some Democrats Blame One Of Their Own

Even high school students in Boulder, Colo., are pissed off about the Bush win on Tuesday.
Sleepover Protests Bush's Policies

Students at Colo. High School Protest Bush

And don't forget to apologize to the world for America's error once again.
But hey, we tried, right?
Sorry Everybody

Ah, i like this posting on Craig's List. Sounds like me!
MC w/59,017,382 Americans
Or read the text below:
You people, who voted for Bush. Who are you? Why did you do this to us? The man who did nothing to prevent 9/11, failed to react when the attacks occurred, and failed to find the two maniacs who orchestrated the attacks...has been re-elected!!??

Three years ago, everyone in the world cried over New York. You homophobes from Nebraska came and laid wreaths here. But you couldn't give an inch when we needed your help to get rid of this psycho-president. So here we are, in New York, scared of further attacks while this crackpot wages his crusades, and scared of you anencephalic neanderthals who stood up for his failures. To the east of us are islamo-fascist extremists who will stop at nothing to destroy the symbols of Western capitalism. (Yes, those symbols would be the Empire State Building, the broadway shows, and the Stock Market that you smelly, drooling, cow-eyed tourists come and stare at.) And to the west are hoards of pentecostal fundamentalist christians who are waiting with sweaty palms and bated breath for the wrath of God (in the shape of hairy mujhadeen) to come and burn this Gomorrah to the ground.

I don't know you. I don't have your myopic values, your religious fervor, your sanctified hate. And apparently, I don't have as many friends as you do, lemmings. So as this country slides into the stinking shitpuddle of conservative fascism, let me make one request: Don't stay in touch. Don't visit New York and enjoy its food, sites and entertainment. Don't see movies made in Hollywood. Stay in South Dakota, Ohio, and Alabama. Don't look to the coasts for entertaiment and excitement, then wipe your ass with us when we really need your support. Stay at the mall. Play with yourselves in your SUVs. Molest your suburban babysitter. But don't come 'round here no more. We don't know you, you're not our friends. You want values? Stick w/Britney and her 60-second marriages, I'll take an honest fag anyday.

It's hard being a New Yorker these days. It's hard being brutally attacked by a terrorist fanatic. It's hard being used as a backdrop for mindless nationalist posturing. It's hard getting shit on by inbreeds from Utah every election. It's hard being a New Yorker. But I'd much rather be a proud, sad, New Yorker than a mindless pious fuckwit from Jacksonville, Florida with a cross on the wall and six copies of Playboy tucked under the sofa.

So fuck you, red America. Stay out there, in the darkness with your satellite cable and 10-acre supremarkets. Drive around your suburbs in your retarded Hummers. Pretend you have somewhere worthwhile to go. Becasue without New York, and Los Angeles, and all us interesting blue-state people, your world is a boring, lonely place, and you deserve it. We're different, we don't suck.

We may never win an election, and all that proves is that majority rule is a woefully imperfect way to chose a leader.

Next time you want to come and have fun in New York, visit Tarramt County, Texas instead, assholes.

this is in or around Sodom and Gomorrah, USA

buck up some more fellow progressives
Hello, Uranus? Got Any Room? Must. Move. Away. Cannot endure more Bush. Soul about to implode. Right? Not so fast

And stay angry.
Guilty, Disgusted, American

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