Monday, November 01, 2004

Holla For Halloween

Well, it's officially over now, but we just concluded another Halloween holiday.
Very exciting.
Though, with so much going on in the world right now (like the Ashlee Simpson SNL scandal), it seemed more inconsequential than usual.
i like Halloween but i wasn't as up for it this year.
but it was neat nonetheless.
actually, i had the most halloween fun on friday at work. many people got dressed. so of course, i was my oft-used alter ego, Jay T. Tempura, Public Instigator. Proudly wearing my knit yellow suit, along with the dapper Jay T. wide-brimmed hat and Overlays For the People, i reigned over many, and was the envy of some.
i accompanied Magilla Gorilla around the campus chaos, as that damn gorilla wreaked havoc upon several alarmed citizens.

Funny fuzzy spuzzy.

i spun an amazingly good dj set saturday night at the Slanted Door, which was schooly cool. shit yeah. no dressy uppy, though i hit the town with MollyGoLightly, Bee Mindful and more.
jay t. re-emerged for the children, because it's all for the children, and we hit Dalva for some DJ action from our pal, SilenceFiction, welcoming us with a Stone Roses classic. Madchester is back yeah!!
not really, though i still have my dance moves.

then it was on to more parties and lovefests for people of various shades. we enjoyed ourselves but bade farewell after a short time because i was in need of returning home for shelter, sleep and sunshine.
not necessarily in that order.
or not in any order.
but you know, the excitement surrounding helloween wasn't quite up to snuff, as i mentioned previously, so you know, death's door was looming.

i find myself growing weary, for the day is done.
but there is more to be told, ye.

few more things before the night is through:


Latest CD Review
Paul Randolph
From today's Detroit Free Press.


Here's the final nail in the coffin for Kerry's victory on Tuesday.

Kerry Claims Victory After Redskins' Loss

So, the story goes, if the Washington Redskins win the Sunday before Election Day, the incumbent wins. If they lose, the incumbent goes down in a ball of flames.
well, guess what? Redskins lost.
That story above also mentions various other unconventional wisdom related to the election, most seeming to favor Sen. Kerry.
To me, the momentum seems to be going with Kerry.
But it's so difficult to know.

Hey, you didn't expect to me to avoid all forms of voter angst, did you?

i am retiring for the evening. Don't wait up for me.

don't eat the frantic cockroaches either.
they're frantic after all.
Dracula was a wimp

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