Thursday, January 03, 2002

Crass banter

that senile old woman across the street rang our incredibly annoying doorbell this morning extra long just to tell me to move my car from the other side of the road because it was Wednesday and i would get a ticket.

problem was, i didn't have to move my car because today is THURSDAY (even though she insisted it wasn't, twice). And secondly, it wasn't my car she was pointing at. Yes, this woman (supposedly a former bit player actress) is completely gone. she has two mercedes benz's that she parks in the street, never in her driveway, which, oddly enough, is her entire yard considering she has no grass whatsoever.

Yes, that's right. Her entire yard is concrete.
lovely woman. just lovely.
i must do work unfortunately.
because tomorrow i have a job at a place called Autonomy.
yay, i have a job for one day. lucky I.
of course, i start another job on monday. at an advertising agency. should be interesting.
but then again, i also need to survive.
so survive is what i shall do. sir.

good day citizens. modern times commences for the time being.

embrace pigs. they deserve it.
And don't forget to remember Santa Bacon in your dreams. I'll tell you all about Santa Bacon, young children.
just as soon as i go wash my foot.

eat every inch of that pig. even that cute little curly-q tail. it's all meat meat meat.

your Spanish pastor,

Bobby B. Bonero

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