Sunday, January 06, 2002

from another soul

this here is a recent correspondence from my good pal, mikey. i found it to be perfectly appropriate to the game we got going on here. notice the 'vanilla sky' reference.
love to your mother.
your least favorite Paleontologist

"I am a weird fella with weirder than average taste...except for ice cream...which really is not true because I love vanilla and I get some odd looks when I order it.

"Why would you want vanilla when there are all these other flavors?" the ice-cream daredevil usually asks.

"Because I like vanilla and I don't need to feel wild and outragous when ordering ice cream.
I almost never reply.

These are the same people who drive like assholes in parking lots because they think its freedom.

...although a couple of months ago I was getting said ice cream and another fella was there ordering Vanilla. His gal-pal (or fuck-buddy) gave him lip for it.

I said "Don't give in. Vanilla is a great flavor."

He paused and said "Yeah. Give me vanilla." -- that is a true story of two white boys standing up for their love of Vanilla.

thank you mr. mike.
go back to your business.

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