Thursday, January 03, 2002

Your tangent in time

oh cracker, monsignor
why did thou forsake me?
did you not look at me funny when i ran out slowly clutching the cheese?
did you wont of mine enemies before you hath sought revenge on their fathers?
don't you know why you are not looking at me funny?
because you are something uncontrollable, something not right.

so sayeth the shepherd, so sayeth the flock.
look at yourself before entering that kingdom
play games before supper.

twas a loony evening on the townie town town. splendid in some ways. not so splendid in others.
but what can you do, pray tell? what can you do?
so late, so late, so cometh over the mountain.
play that time before bed.

it is difficult to explain the circumstance from whence i come forth.
but let it be known, i am not who i seem to be.
you are not who you want to be.
and i, oh i, knoweth more than you could possibly understand.
play that funky music caukazoid.

eat important documents containing several shades of pudding

your pear shaped box,

Kurdt Noveselic

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